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10/18/07 Bush Gets Spiritual With The Dalai Lama

10/1/07 Is He..?

8/30/07 Senator Larry Craig in "I'm Not Gay"

8/22/07 Another Boom and Bush Cycle

8/11/07 Say Hi To The Insurgents

7/29/07 Dick Cheney in: If I Only Had a Heart

7/24/07 Torture Boy Takes The Stand

7/8/07 Republican Candidates Speak Pt. 3: Fred Thompson

7/3/07 Gone Fishin'

6/29/07 Why George W. Bush Loves Immigrants

6/13/07 Hey George, What Time is it in Albania?

5/26/07 The George W. Bush Roadmap of Failure

5/20/07 Republican Candidates Speak Pt. 2 Rudy Giuliani

4/23/07 Republican Presidential Forum: The Candidates Speak

4/2/07 Strolling Through Baghdad With John McCain

3/8/07 The Bubble Boy Comes Out

3/2/07 Mc Cain: Flip Flopping With Disaster

2/13/07 You Say You Want a Resolution

1/31/07 Pay 'Em What They're Worth

1/3/07 Come on People...Work With Me

12/12/06 The Decider Ponders Iraq

11/15/06 The Straight Man

11/8/06 Yes Madame Speaker

10/29/06 Y'all Best Just Back Off

10/25/06 Pretend You Don't Know Me

10/16/06 Reason #147..

10/6/06 No Child's Behind Left Behind

9/26/06 I Didn't Do Nothing

9/19/06 We Gotta Educate 'Em

9/12/06 America Will Find You

9/6/06 Did You Know We Are At War??

8/30/06 Rummy: Why Do You Hate Freedom???

8/26/06 Hey Yo Rocky

8/21/06 Master of Disaster

8/22/06 Master of Disaster Part 2

8/20/06 George Bush is Evel

8/15/06 Tony?, What Happened??

8/7/06 Dick Cheney: GOP Rockstar

7/30/06 Bush & Blair: Trouble in Paradise

7/24/06 Exorcist 3. (Warning: Not for The Squeamish. If you are, skip this one)

7/19/06 The Veto.

7/15/06 Happy Fitz of July.

7/10/06 Dumb Science.

7/5/06 John Bolton Loves The U.N..

6/29/06 Bladerunner.

6/27/06 Rush Limbaugh in "HE'S GOT A GUN".

6/22/06 Bush Meets The Vienna Boys Choir.

6/19/06 Bill Clinton in "The Fixer".

6/14/06 Shady Fish Story.

6/10/06 Say Goodnight To Da Bad Guy.

6/5/06 Incredible Shrinking President & 43rd Best

5/30/06 Bush Goes To The Movies.

5/25/06 GOP Jail.

5/22/06 Turning Point.

5/19/06 Bush Patrol.

5/16/06 Super Secret Mission.

5/12/06 Congress Demands Answers.

5/7/06 Its Graduatin' Time Again.

5/3/06 Seeing The Light.

5/1/06 The Search For Bush's Mojo.

4/28/06 Bushonomics: Turning a Corner???.

4/27/06 Nuclear Football.

4/26/06 Tony The Snow Mans First Press Conference.

4/24/06 Hey Hey We're The Murder Monkeys.

4/23/06 Bush and Arnold Take a Meeting.

4/21/06 Oil: The Sky's The Limit.

4/20/06 President Who????.

4/18/06 Follow The Money.

4/16/06 Rumsfeldian Rhapsody.

4/13/06 Stumped Again.

4/9/06 Bush Talking To Whitehouse Paintings.

4/6/06 Tom Delay, Back at Work.

4/4/06 Cynthia McKinney in Punch Out.

4/2/06 Crisis Management Whitehouse Style.

3/30/06 What Bush is Really Doing In Cancun.

3/29/06 Its All Saddam's Fault.

3/22/06 Drunken Donkey.

3/21/06 Pretend You Don't See The Blood.

3/17/06 White House St. Patricks Party.

3/15/06 Famous Basketball Player Meets Mentally Challenged Boy.

3/14/06 Condi Plays The Cocaine Guitar

3/12/06 YOU STOLE WHAT???

3/9/06 What a Difference a Day Makes

3/8/06 Now That The Patriot Act Has Been Renewed...

3/4/06 Take Bush Out To The Cricket Game

3/1/06 Flip Flop Frist Flips on Ports Deal

2/27/06 Bush Celebrates Black History Month

2/22/06 Bush's Ports Deal Pt. 2

2/21/06 Bush's Ports Deal

2/19/06 Bush Goes Skiing After Watching Olympics

2/17/06 Harry Apologizes To Dick

2/16/06 Dick Cheney Explains it All

2/15/06 Cheney Prays for Whittington

2/14/06 Cheney Visits Hunting Buddy in Hospital

2/13/06 A Message From Dick Cheney

2/12/06 Dick Cheney Goes Hunting

2/8/06 Carter Meets Bush At King Funeral

2/3/06 C'mon People Have A Little Confidence

2/2/06 Spark It Up Dick

1/30/06 Keep Telling Them I Am God

1/26/06 Torture Boy Goes To School

1/23/06 Ask Me A , I'll Tell You A Lie.

1/20/06 Harry Reid Is Truly Sorry.

1/19/06 Michelle Malkin Gets Manipulated

1/17/06 George W. Bush Loves Black People

1/16/06 Its OK Now. Laura Bush OKs Domestic Spying

1/11/06 Bush Thinks Alito Is Ummmm...Errrr....

1/09/06 A Biking Safety Message From Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1/03/06 How Bush Spent New Years

12/30/05 Who Leaked on Bush?

12/26/05 Spys R Us

12/21/05 A Christmas Message From The Republicans

12/14/05 30,000 Give Or Take a Zero

12/13/05 Its Just a Piece Of Paper

12/6/05 All I Want For Christmas

11/30/05 Dukies Crying

11/29/05 Hey George, Whats In Your Wallet?

11/20/05 Who Locked The F**king Door

11/16/05 Dick The Undertaker

11/14/05 Hilary Says Her Prayers

11/9/05 When You Lose, You Lose Alone

11/8/05 What? Me Torture?, and Duchess of ?

10/29/05 Cocaine Cowboy

10/27/05 Not This Time Karl

10/26/05 Bush Thanks The Troops Again

10/25/05 Mission Accomplished

10/20/05 Bill Frist: He's On The Move

10/19/05 Live Torture Show.

10/18/05 Rumours Are Flying.

10/16/05 Tell Them How They Love Me & Out Of The Mouths of Babes

10/12/05 Bush. Live on Location.

10/6/05 Does This Man Look Happy?.

10/4/05 The Man With The Biggest Balls In Washington.

10/3/05 Kings of The World, and Jeff Gannon Still Unemployed.

10/2/05 Tom Delay Meets His True Friends.

9/21/05 Harry Reid Finds His Balls

9/17/05 Don't You Know Who I Am?.

9/16/05 Bathroom Break.

9/15/05 Total Responsibility.

9/13/05 John Roberts: Smoking The Good Stuff.

9/12/05 Welcome Godfather.

9/11/05 Fishing Trip, & The Education President Meets The Education Secretary.

9/10/05 Truth In Broadcasting, This Time I Mean It, and Photo Op.

9/6/05 The Bush Clinton We Care Love-In, and 2 Ex-Presidents Talk Business.

9/4/05 Off The Hook Again.

9/3/05 God Help Us, What Are We Waiting For?, & Can I Go Now?

9/2/05 The Sunshine Boys, Together Again

9/1/05 Presidential Response

8/31/05 American Nero, and He's Baaack

8/29/05 Big Easy Memories, and On The Road Again For Social Security.

8/28/05 Full Metal Bush 2, and Prison Gang.

8/27/05 Full Metal Bush, and Ridin' With Lance.

8/18/05 Bush League & Spokesmonkey

8/15/05 Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn

8/11/05 Good Job Denny, Autograph, and How Dare You

8/10/05 Rumble in Crawford

8/8/05 Geography Lesson, Visitng The Wounded, Chill Out

8/5/05 Bush Talks Politics With Jefferson

8/3/05 Bush Says Hi To The Astronauts

8/1/05 Bush Meets The Boy Scouts, and Have A Nice Trip

7/31/05 John Bolton: Look Out New York, I'm Back

7/30/05 Bill Frist Just Signed His Own Death Warrant

7/26/05 Hilary's Karaoke Version of Johnny B. Goode, Sweaty Republican Men Embracing, + My Name is Sandy

7/24/05 Bush: I'm Telling My Mother On You

7/22/05 John Roberts Meets The Senate Democrats

7/20/05 Wag The Dog: Bush Nominates Roberts To Supreme Court.

7/19/05 Hey Trucker, & A Very Peaceful Man, + Milking The Bull, and Monkey Suit

7/17/05 Bush and Rove Take A Little Walk

7/14/05 The Bush & Blair Girls Go To Africa + Jenna's New Party Crew

7/12/05 Scott Mcclellen Holds a Press Confrence. + Karl Rove Leaves for Vacation & Tom Delay Looks On

7/11/05 Bush to Africa, Drop Dead + Bush Meets With Fellow Cyclists & The Monkey Causes A Panic Wherever He Goes+...

7/7/05 Judith Miller: I'm Ready For My Mugshot.

7/5/05 Karl Rove Busted.

7/4/05 Happy 4th From The Pres.

7/1/05 Bush Comes Up With Shortlist For Supreme Court + Run For Your Life & Jesse Ventura on Minnesotas Budget.

6/28/05 Preview of Bush Speech at Fort Bragg

6/25/05 Democrats Roll Over Again For Rove & The Supreme Court Strikes Again.

6/23/05 George Bush Goes Nuculur + John Bolton: At War With Himself.

6/22/05 The Robo-President Is Breaking Down.

6/20/05 Joe Biden Wants Your Vote For President.

6/17/05 Jeb Bush, Thank The People of Flori-duh.

6/16/05 Howard Dean Gives Balls Lessons to Democrats.

6/15/05 Duncan Hunter and Lunch at Guantanamo.

6/13/05 Bush Needs Protection When He Speaks + Guess Who Went To Church & Senator Walks Out on Himself.

6/11/05 N.Florida Baptists Love H.L.

6/8/05 Bush And Blair Finally Tie The Knot.

6/7/05 Laura Bush, The New Anti-Gang Czar.

6/6/05 Bush On The Road Again For Social Security.

6/2/05 Time For Bush To Take A Helicopter Ride.

5/31/05 Its Simply Absurd.

5/29/05 Someones Been Drinking Again.

5/27/05 Bush Speaks With Reporter.

5/26/05 Monkey Plane, Scarred For Life, & Thats A Big One Condi.

5/24/05 What Do You Mean, Compromise? & Hey Harry Lets Make a Deal.

5/23/05 Laura Bush is the New It Girl + MC Condi, Laura The Evil Witch, & Bush Says His Prayers.

5/22/05 The Monkey Gives A Graduation Speech.

5/20/05 Saddam Caught With His Pants Down.

5/18/05 Bush Brews His Own + Right Off a Cliff.

5/16/05 Bush Talks To The Animals, The Troops Love Him, & Ratings Dog 3: Your in Trouble Now, Barney.

5/12/05 Bill Frist meets Condi at a Party.& George Bush: A Boy And His Dog

5/10/05 The 2 Finalists From The Bachelor Pose With Their Roses.

5/9/05 Bush Tells Truth At Military Cemetary & Vlad Putin: Bushie You Can Drive My Car.

5/7/05 Dick & George's Shell, Bush Partys on Cinco De Mayo, Crown Jewels, & Whats up Trent.

5/4/05 Bush Goes To Mississippi To Talk Social Security

5/3/05 Bush's I-Pod Play List & Pope George

5/2/05 Ratings Dog 2: In Trouble & A Nice Pair

4/30/05 Hey George Where Are The WMDs? + Ordained By God

4/29/05 How Can You Tell When Bush Is Lying?

4/27/05 Tom Delay: Taking The Heat

4/26/05 Finger Me & Hard Work

4/25/05 Move To France, Get Me Out Of Here, I Don't Pay, Whats That Smell, Gods Personal Messenger

4/22/05 Bill Clinton meets Darth Vader & Welcome, I'm Suing, Think of Rummy, Mod Squad, Vlad The Impaler

4/20/05 Simon Bar Sinister Elected Pope & I'm Not Fat

4/19/05 Ratings Dog Redux

4/18/05 Tom Delay Goes To The NRA Convention + Ratings Dog

4/16/05 John Kerry Gets In A Fight & You Call Yourselves Republicans + Best Pres. Ever

4/10/05 Everybody Loves Condi, Wipe It Off, Mob Funeral, & I Love Washington

3/28/05 Hey Vinny, & That Was Different

3/27/05 A George Bush Easter, & I'm Not Drunk

3/25/05 Low Ratings, Pickpocket Lessons & What Do I Care.

3/22/05 I'm a Rebel.

3/14/05 Who Wrote Bad Things?.

3/13/05 Bush & Rummy Trip On Acid + Meeting With The Pope

3/11/05 Magic Trick

3/10/05 Silvio Says 2 & How To Get A Job

3/9/05 Silvio Says & Get a Room

3/8/05 Thats My Money

3/1/05 Drunk

2/26/05 Your a Terrorist, Hey Condi, & Uncle Rummy Wants You

2/24/05 Happy To See Me

2/23/05 Whats That?, Releaving Himself, & Its a Scream

2/22/05 Come On Now

2/20/05 West Texas Girl, I Did Not Make Love, & Feeling Spunky

2/16/05 Dirty Old Fool

2/14/05 I'm So Smart & Brain Implant

2/9/05 Thanks Joe, & I'm The Brains

2/7/05 Take Her Upstairs

2/2/05 Message From Torture Boy 2

2/1/05 Trippin

1/30/05 He's All Yours, & Kung Fu Fighting

1/27/05 Message From Torture Boy

1/25/05 Bastard Child

1/24/05 Pleeease?

1/22/05 Inauguration Day

1/17/05 Checks In The Mail & Your Next

1/16/05 Going To Hell

1/14/05 Mexican Hat Dance & My Way

1/13/05 2nd Choice, Free Trip, We Have Ways, & Bad Food

1/12/05 Prank Phone Call

1/6/05 Boxer Rebellion, & Barack Obama Meets The Boss

1/5/05 Thinking Too Hard

1/4/05 We Love Muslims, & Baracks In The House

1/3/05 Its All His Fault & I Can Fly