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April 25, 2005.

Welcome to the new look site, Please let me know what you think, Especially let me know if you are having any trouble seeing the writing on the side bars. I may experiment with some new colors in the coming days. I am also upgrading the blog, so look for that. The Liberal keeps growing. Thanks
How you all doing today, we got some stories, and more of those Political Comics you love so much. Enjoy

U.S. Gas Prices as the appeared on April 24,2005 Break open the Savings Accounts, Cash in the 401K, Forfeit on the mortgage, or rob a bank, Gas Prices are at an all time High as if you didn't know. Don't expect any relief soon.
                   U.S. Gas Prices as the appeared on April 24,2005
Here's an important story from
Rolling Stone

The Long Emergency

Excerpt: A few weeks ago, the price of oil ratcheted above fifty-five dollars a barrel, which is about twenty dollars a barrel more than a year ago. The next day, the oil story was buried on page six of the New York Times business section.

Read The Whole Story, and Your Comments on The Blog

The L.A. Times

Frist Initiative Creates Rift in GOP Base

                               People are getting angry with Bush, They pepper him with questions about his inept Policy.

Heres another funny video from Mark Fiore

Reverse Revolution

The Independent U.K.

Terrified US soldiers are still killing civilians with impunity, while the dead go uncounted

                                                      George W. Bush takes some time to visit a restaurant, and delivers a message

Guardian Unlimited

Rice changed terrorism report

Excerpt: A state department report which showed an increase in terrorism incidents around the world in 2004 was altered to strip it of its pessimistic statistics, it emerged yesterday

Denny Hastert's Late Payment

Excerpt: A long delay in paying for a fund-raiser at an eatery owned by scandal-plagued Jack Abramoff could prove embarrassing to a GOP Mr. Clean

                                          George W. Bush, and Dennis Hastert stop for a chat, in passing

Sorry Folks, Faith Just Ain't Fact

                                                         President Bush displays his new Halo, got it as a gift from God himself

Ok thats it for now, See you all tomorrow, Thanks for Tuning in. H.L.

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