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April 22, 2005.

                                        Welcome to H.L.s Comics, todays speical guest emcee, George W. Bush 042105

Jerry Gossett poses in Wichita Falls, Texas, Thursday, April 14, 2005 with the 'W.43' bumper sticker he designed. Gossett has sued the Republican National Committee and one of its suppliers, claiming they stole his design for those ubiquitous 'W' bumper stickers touting President George W. Bush in 2004.
   What did this guy think would happen when he did business with Republicans. Jerry Gosset poses with W43 sticker he invented, and claims in a law suit the Republicans stole 042105 Bush and Cheney, Converting Republicans to Democrats one at at time 042105

                                  Why did I have to get married. George bush goes to kiss Laura, reluctantly.

                                  OK lets get this over with...George Bush has other things on his mind as he kisses his wife.

In this scene Bill Clinton, and Dick Cheney find themselves together, Dick decides its time to clear the air.
                                Dick Cheney about to alter Bill Clintons life 042105
        Bill Clinton, and Dick Cheney at Oklahoma City Memorial 042105         Bill Clinton gets bad news, and worse news 042105
                                                Bill Clinton gets it from the Republicans one more time. 042105

                                             Now heres a commercial message.
; These guys are cool, Bush, Bush Hastert, and Lincoln as the Mod Squad 042105

We've got time for one more. In this scene Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Schmoozes with Condi Rice.
                                           Daa Baby, I like that hot pirogie. Vladimir Putin meets with Condaleeza Rice 042105
See you next time on H.L.s Comics

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