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        Wednesday, March 29, 2006

       Bush: Iraq All Saddam's Fault

News Item:Bush Blames Saddam for Iraq Instability
Here's Part 1 of the comic

Bush blames Iraq violence on saddam

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       News: Fitzgerald seeks new Indictments, CNN Cancels Asner apperance. Abramoff Sentenced

My Congressman Henry Waxman
Halliburton’s Performance Worsens under Second Iraqi Oil Contract

Rep. Waxman releases the
first analysis

of Halliburton's RIO 2 contract to restore Iraq's southern
oil fields. The examination of previously undisclosed
correspondence, evaluations, and audits reveals that
government officials and investigators have harshly
criticized Halliburton’s performance under RIO
2. The documents disclose an "overwhelmingly negative"

Abramoff to Be Sentenced for Wire Fraud

Abramoff, 47, and Kidan, 41, each face a minimum of five years and 10 months in prison, and a maximum of seven years and three months under plea agreements with prosecutors.
But U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck said he would delay their prison reporting date for several months so Abramoff and Kidan can continue cooperating in a Washington corruption investigation and a Florida probe into the murder of former SunCruz owner Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis.

Talk Radio in L.A.

The raw monthly data from Arbitron came out today. The wingnuts rebounded from their disasterous January while progressive KTLK continues to grow - especially in the morning.

ABC News

Amnesty International: US Taser Deaths Up .

WASHINGTON - The number of people who have died in the U.S. after being shocked by police stun guns is growing rapidly, Amnesty International says in a report that catalogs 156 in the past five years.
Deaths after the use of Taser stun guns have risen from three in 2001 to 61 last year, the international human rights group said. Fourteen have died so far this year, it said, citing police and autopsy reports as well as press accounts.

Brad Blog

As The BRAD BLOG reported last week, a Conservative Republican former Texas Supreme Court Justice had been considering an Election Contest after electronic voting machine problems and inexplicable tallies plagued the first-in-the-nation March 7th primary in the Lone Star State.
Steve Smith -- who ran for election to the state Supreme Court, Place 2, in the Republican primary against an opponent backed by both Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry and the Bush family -- will be filing an official Election Contest this afternoon in Travis County District Court, The BRAD BLOG has learned.

Fitzgerald Will Seek New White House Indictments

In lengthy interviews over the weekend and on Monday, they said that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has started to prepare the paperwork to present to the grand jury seeking an indictment against White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove or National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.
Although the situation remains fluid, it's possible, these sources said, that Fitzgerald may seek to indict both Rove and Hadley, charging them with perjury, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy related to their roles in the leak of Plame Wilson's identity and their effort to cover up their involvement following a Justice Department investigation.

Crime, Hatred, and Weird News

Now, either Zacarias Moussaoui is a brainwashed simpleton, or he wants to humiliate the US DOJ in killing him, an innocent man, in what has up to now been nothing but a kangooroo court. Under this theory Moussaoui's rants make sense, to himself at least, otherwise why would would he utter this non sense. Would a normal person say these things? Would a normal person come out and admit these evil plans that he supposedly was part of? And that doesn't say much for the Moussaoui defense team does it? What lawyer wouldn't have raised the defense by insanity for Moussaoui by now?

Ed Asner's appearance on CNN to refute Government Lies of 9/11 Cancelled,

Further investigation and probing of several other CNN sources closely connected with the production of the Asner segment on Showbiz Tonight reported that high-level members of CNN management advised the producers of the show to "kill it. " This statement was clearly made to stifle any further coverage of 9/11 despite the admitedly huge ratings boost and response garnered from the recent coverage of Charlie Sheen's statements on 9/11.