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July 11, 2005
Bush meets with a bunch of Fellow Cyclists, But these guys know how to stay on the Bike

Bush Rider

Heres a video of a typical Republican, This guy was at the Republican Convention last year, he's all for the War, until he asks if he would be willing to go out there and fight. Bonus Scene at The End: Karl Rove laughing like a Hyena. Is he laughing his way into prison.

Crooks And Liars

Typical Republican Video

Ok, here it is the Story you all have been waiting for, The Story that tells us all for sure, in no uncertain terms, with no chance at repudiation by any Fox News Whore, or any other monkey loving idiot. That Karl Rove, is a treasonous Traiter Who deserves to be marched straight to the maximum security lockdown at Leveanworth. Of Course H.L was all over this, Scroll down to see Rove the comic of Rove being busted, (toward the bottom of the page)


Matt Cooper's Source

The Monkey Causes a Panic wherever He Goes.

Be Afraid

So whats going on here, Tony Blair is rejecting demands by his own Government to start an inquiry, into what happened when the trains blew up in London, you might think this is something they would want to know, but Tony says "No can do" sounds a little like our own investigation of 9/11, that Bush did everything in his power to prevent. Finally he let it happen as long as did not have to testify under oath, in other words a liscence to lie; and oh yeah, he had to have puppet master Dick there so he could sit on his lap and talk while Cheney pulled the string. And what is Tonys reason for not wanting an inquiry. Take a guess...give up? Becuase holding an inquiry would distract from catching the people who did this. OK Tony, whatever...

Financial Times Of London

Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings

Bush To Africa...Drop Dead

Bush G8

Bush Laughing

Tough Luck

In the Ohio, Coingate scandal, which helped Bush steal Ohio, last year, Governor Bob Taft, is making like Nixon and claiming Executive Privledge, as an excuse not to turn over documents that could prove him guilty, the tactic didn't work for Tricky Dick, and Taft will only be able to stall for so long. More bad news for Repubs. I feel so sorry for them.

Toledo Blade

CoinGate Scandal principles Pulling A Nixon

Don't mess with The Murder Monkey

Bush lays wreath London as memorial to victims of bombings

Gotta Go, see you soon. H.L.

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