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        Friday, March 17, 2006

       White House St. Patricks Party

President Bush, Condi Rice, Laura Bush, and Karl Rove celebrate St. Patricks day

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       Anti-War March and Rally in Hollywood March 18

Tomorrow's The Day. I'll Be There, Will You?
I'll be carrying my sign with a picture of the grinning monkey on one side that says "Making a Killing", and The Hollywood Liberal written out on the other side in multi colors. If you see me come up and say hi.

Be there this Sat.This Saturday March 18, There will be an Anti-War, March and rally in Hollywood. Meet at the corner of Hollywood & Vine at 12 Noon, and march to Hollywood and Highland, right around the corner from The H.L., I love it when they have these protests in Hollywood, because I can walk to Hollywood and Vine in about 15 minutes, and when its over I am already home. When they have them in Downtown L.A. like they did the last one, I have to take the subway on a 22 minute ride. i have atteneded all the other anti-war marches, where speakers such as Martin Sheen, Danny Glover, and Ron Kovic, have spoken out against Bush's illegal war in Iraq.
Being that the overwhelming majority of all Americans are now against Bush, and The war, I expect to see a large crowd, hopefully as many will show up as did at the march on February 15, 2003 when 30,000 people showed up in L.A. Of course they get much larger crowds in Washington D.C., New York, and San Francisco, but I want to see all you Angeleno's out there this Saturday. Lets roll.

More info about L.A. March
More info about Marches in other cities

       Happy St. Patricks Day From H.L.

        have one on me          have one on me            have one on me

Todays the day, The Smoking of The Green, um.. I mean, the uh, wearing of the Green.

I'm part Irish, so I can put up these Pics.

       Marines Targeted Civilians in Iraq, Jessica Simpson Snubs Bush, Dems Fleeing Feingold

US probe looks at allegations marines targeted civilians

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US military has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that marines intentionally targeted civilians in a clash with insurgents in which 15 Iraqi civilians were killed, a military official said.
Lieutenant General Peter Chiarelli, the commander of the Multi-National Forces- Iraq, confirmed separately on Friday that he had directed further review of the incident following a preliminary investigation.

H.L.s Take:
We already know what will happen here. There is no way they are going to find anyone in the Army guilty of murder no matter how many women and babies they kill. As far as The Army is concerned they can kill whoever they want. Its not like we are over there for any other reason then to take the oil, so why should they care if a bunch of innocent people, who are only trying to survive are killed. They are just in the way anyway.

Jessica Simpson Snubs Bush

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Concerned about politicizing her favorite charity, singer-actress Jessica Simpson on Wednesday turned down a invitation to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush, a snub that left Republicans dismayed.

H.L.s Take:
I knew there was a reason I liked her, besides the Daisy Dukes. Everyone should snub the murder monkey. How cool would it be if everytime Bush called on celeb, for a photo op. they told him to go to hell. Which of course is where he belongs.

Madison Wi. Capital Times
Don't fret, GOP: Dems fleeing Feingold

The Republican National Committee has made a remarkable discovery. U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, the Wisconsin Democrat who has long been thought to be an outsider in the Senate Democratic Caucus, is not a maverick at all.
It turns out that Feingold is a "Democratic leader" who, according to RNC researchers, is pretty much setting the party's agenda.

Global warming reaches 'tipping point' - report

The groundswell for President Bush's impeachment is growing, and last week the establishment media finally took notice.
The Wall Street Journal ran a story analyzing how a planned impeachment of President Bush will play out as an "election issue," including a helpful pie chart showing 51 percent of Americans support Congress in considering Bush's impeachment if he "didn't tell the truth about the reasons for the Iraq war

SF Gate
Bush's fantasy of progress in Iraq

WHAT IS HE thinking? On a day when Shiite vigilantes conducted hangings in Sadr City in reprisal for the killing of scores of their co-religionists in a market bombing, President Bush continued to insist that progress in Iraq justified staying the course.

What Really Happened
Caught on Film:The Bush Credibility Gap

The Photographic History of the Bush Administration Putting Its Mouth Where Its Money Isn’t. A chronology of Bush saying one thing then doing another


Fog of War or War Crimes?

If you haven't heard of him, Massey, a former Marine staff sergeant who spent 12 years in the Corps before being medically discharged with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and becoming a key figure in the peace movement with Veterans For Peace, rose to infamy last November after St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Ron Harris (followed lockstep by hawkish blogger Michelle Malkin) discredited claims made by Massey in his book Kill, Kill, Kill that he'd been party to (and a participant in) war crimes during his tour in Iraq with a Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAT) platoon.

Brad Blog
VIDEO - Electrocuted Abu Ghraib Prisoner Speaks Out

Ali Shalal Qaissi was the mayor of a town near Baghdad before he was arrested and taken to Abu Ghraib prison. While detained, Mr. Qaissi was subjected to torture including electrocution. He says, "I felt my eyes popping out. Once I bit my tongue and and blood started coming out of my mouth."