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        Wednesday, March 15, 2006

       New Advertiser on The H.L.

brick in theatres March 31
H.L. is proud to welcome a new Advertiser. Its for a new movie coming out in theatres on March 31, called Brick. I went on the the films website to check it out, and realized I have already seen this movie. Long time H.L. readers know that I work in the Film and TV Post Production business in Hollywood. My job is to watch movies, and TV shows after they are done being worked on, (editing, transferred to video, audio work etc.) To make sure that everything looks good and there are no problems that anyone overlooked. I am the final say whether TV shows get on air, or need to be worked on some more. So I saw this movie a few months ago when they were still getting it ready (actually saw it 3 or 4 times) and I liked it.
Check out the website for Trailers, Pics, and reviews, and see what you think. Our Advertisers are what keep the H.L. going. Thank you to Brick.

       Famous Basketball Player Meets Mentally Challenged Bush Boy

News Item:Bush Meets Autistic Basketball Hero
President Bush was in Canindaigua N.Y. today where he met Jason McElwain, the Autistic high school student who got sank 6 consecutive 3 point shots in and scored 20 points in 4 minutes. It was in the last game of the season, and it was the fist time "J-Mac" got to play. Now they want to make a movie of him, so he will probably be hanging out here in Hollywood.

Heres the preview:

Bush meets Jason McElwain

See The Rest Of The Strip Here

       News: Feingold Calls Dems. on Cowering, Republicans Not Keeping Budget Promises, Impeachement Talk Reaches Mainstream

Feingold Accuses Democrats of 'Cowering'

"Democrats run and hide" when the administration invokes the war on terrorism, Feingold told reporters.

H.L.s Take:
Feingold is the only Democrat with any Damn balls, and if the Dems. don't run him for Pres. in 2008, they have no shot (that means you Hilary)

GOP Not Meeting Promises in Budget Week

WASHINGTON - It's a busy, unhappy budget week on Capitol Hill. At a time when Republicans are eager to prove their mettle on spending restraint, their deeds are falling far short of their election-year promises.
The House is poised to pad the deficit by passing $91 billion in debt-financed funding for the war in Iraq and for hurricane relief, while the Senate is working on a budget plan shorn of tax and spending cuts wanted by President Bush.

H.L.s Take:
The Republicans are the tax cut and spend party. They figure its better then being the tax and spend party becuase people don't like paying taxes, and by the time the bill comes due they will all be dead.

Huffington Post
Karen Kwiatkowski
Big, Bad, Perfect Storms.

After an antiwar conference in Charlottesville, Virginia, a man came up to me and expressed concern that the U.S. would soon follow through on threats to bomb Iran. He suggested that a "perfect storm" might soon enable our terrorizing administration, its spineless congressional enablers, and the cheerbombers in AIPAC to aggress Iran, and perhaps even utilize deep penetration, bunker-buster mini-nukes to do it.
This perfect storm might include a hot wind of American discontent with the occupation of Iraq, the hypobaric levels of popularity of the fifth season of the Bush-Cheney "Who Wants to be a Global Policeman" reality show,

Consortium News
Feingold, Kerry & the 'Strategists'

Years before Sen. John Kerry fell under the spell of national Democratic “strategists,” he believed that a Democrat’s best hope for winning the White House was to run as an insurgent. To overcome built-in Republican advantages, Kerry felt a Democrat had to show principle and challenge the status quo.
But Kerry had that thinking beat out of him. In the late 1980s, he got pummeled by the mainstream news media and the political establishment for exposing cocaine trafficking by Nicaraguan contra rebels and for embarrassing their Reagan-Bush patrons. Respectable Washington didn’t want to believe the ugly reality.

Impeachement Talk Reaches Mainstream

The groundswell for President Bush's impeachment is growing, and last week the establishment media finally took notice.
The Wall Street Journal ran a story analyzing how a planned impeachment of President Bush will play out as an "election issue," including a helpful pie chart showing 51 percent of Americans support Congress in considering Bush's impeachment if he "didn't tell the truth about the reasons for the Iraq war

The Pentagon wants AMERICAblog's help spreading propaganda about Iraq

H.L.s Take
Check out this story, they put up a letter they recieved from some high level Iraq Flack in Washington asking him to link to a propaganda outlet
Lamont Opens Senate Fight
Calls Lieberman `Republican Lite'

Lamont, 52, a Greenwich cable television entrepreneur with deep pockets and liberal politics, promised a hard challenge from the left for a Democratic nomination that has gone to Lieberman without opposition since 1988.
Lieberman's support for invading Iraq may be the catalyst for a challenge to a three-term incumbent whose candidacy he once supported financially, but Lamont said his differences with the senator go deeper than the war.

Oakland Tribune

Diebold software leak makes whistle-blower a folk hero to activists

One night early in 2004, a few weeks before the presidential primary, a Van Nuys actor making ends meet temping as a word processor listened on headphones as a young lawyer laid out a defense for Diebold Election Systems Inc.'s use of unapproved voting software in Alameda County.
Sitting at a computer terminal on the 45th floor of a Los Angeles skyscraper, Steve Heller transcribed the lawyer's taped memo suggesting that Diebold could claim the software was a new, "experimental" voting system, even though it had handled two Alameda County elections in 2003.

Brad Blog
VIDEO - Electrocuted Abu Ghraib Prisoner Speaks Out

Ali Shalal Qaissi was the mayor of a town near Baghdad before he was arrested and taken to Abu Ghraib prison. While detained, Mr. Qaissi was subjected to torture including electrocution. He says, "I felt my eyes popping out. Once I bit my tongue and and blood started coming out of my mouth."