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August 5, 2005
Bush Talks Politics With Jefferson

Bush hears a voice as he gives a speech.

Thomas Jefferson talks politics with Presdient George Bush.

Jefferson sounds liberal speaking to the hyper conservative Repbulican Bush

The President talks to the liberal wrote the Declaration of Independence

Bush and Jefferson dicuss political discourse after Bush recieves the Jefferson freedom award .

Thomas Jefferson was not a democrat, but he was a liberal

Thomas Jefferson wrote the first blog for America,

President Bush does not like what Thomas Jefferson has to say, too political

the American Legislative Exchange Council gave Bush the Jefferson freedom award, Put that in your blog

Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave over what Bush has done to this country

Its all politics with Bush, even in war

Political opposites discuss the Iraq War, Bush, and Jefferson

Bush is going crazy


Bush Approval Rating on Iraq Down To 38%

In case you missed it. Heres the video of Novak getting his panties in a knot
Crooks And Liars

Video of Novak Storming Off Set.

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Political Comics Slideshows
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