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April 29, 2005.

Bush Lies During Press Conference

First he lied about it at the State of The Union Address. Bush: "By the year 2042, the entire [social security] system would be exhausted and bankrupt." In what the BBC calls "highly unusual," a State of the Union Speech was interrupted by a chorus of "No's," booing, and heckles from some of the members of Congress in attendance. This happened immediately after the above Bush lie. As Shields mentioned on the PBS wrap-up, and as Brooks concurred, if adjustments are not made, by 2042, as they have been made before, 3/4 of the funds promised would still be available. The entire system would neither be exhausted nor bankrupt.
Then he lied about it last night at a press conference. So as a public service, H.L. Presents:

How Do You Know When Bush is Lying?

A Photo essay. in pictures and comics.

I was reading a story the other day, about how you can tell when Bush is Lying. Well one way is when his lips are moving But the way you can really tell when he is lying is when he does this...

                                                  George W. Bush lies at a press conference, you can tell by the way he bites his lip

He bites his lips and twists his mouth to the side a little, Here is a closer look
                                                 Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying
In Poker its called a "Tell", a way of figuring out if your opponent is bluffing. If you know that, then it doesn't matter what kind of cards you get, you are sure to win These Pictures were taken last night during his Press Conference, which I did not watch, but then again I did not have to watch to know that it would be all lies anyway.

The Lie


Bush sees progress in Iraq, sets no withdrawal time

He sees Progress? If you call progress, having more insurgents blowing up stuff, and killing people, then at any time since the War started, then yeah, they are making great progress. If you see being bogged down in a quagmire, in which it is so bad that he can't even begin to guess when we are getting out then yeah, thats progress allright.
                                                 Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying
The Truth

ABC News Online Austrailia
ABC will show this in Austrailia, but not here. Because they are a bunch of filthy Bush Whores.

US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished

The Iraqi insurgency is just as strong now as it was one year ago, the most senior US military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers has admitted.

Now that sounds a little more truthful, but like Tony Montana, they always tell the truth, even when they lie. Because in one sentence Myers says this, and in the next sentence he completly contradicts himself and says this.                                   Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying
Now how can he say the Insurgent Attacks haven't been diminshed in the least, in one sentence, and then say that We are Winning, in the next??? Is it because they will say anything, at anytime, to make them seem like they are not the biggest bunch of imcompetent boobs to ever run the country. Even though like little kids everyone knows they are lying but of course the lame whores of the press will never call them on it, so they lie, badly.

Of course Tony Blair suffers from this same problem, he has learned well from his masters.
The Lie


I never lie, says Blair as new doubt is cast on war

As Mr Blair was telling the nation on one television channel that he had "never told a lie" another was broadcasting fresh allegations that he misled the country about the legality of the war

How stupid do they think we are. Oh yeah it doesn't matter because what are we going to do about it. Its not like the Congress, or Parliament will try to stop them.

                           Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying
The Truth

U.K. Times Online

Try the truth next time, Tony

TONY BLAIR does not just grasp at straws. He claws at them with passion, kisses them all over and cries their beauty to the world. Yesterday the Attorney-General was such a straw and by close of play was looking the worse for wear. If he had wanted to share any caveats about the Iraq war with the British people, Mr Blair was able to imply, he was free to do so. He attended Cabinet. He sits in Parliament. He said the war was fine.

He says the War in fine???, Fine???, 1600 Dead American Soldiers, 100,000 Dead Iraqi civilians, New Insurgency attacks every day, getting worse, and worse all the time, and The War is Fine. Tony you are a lying Pig whore.

                             Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying

                             Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying
Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying         Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying
Conclusion below, but first a few tidbits
Heres The Latest Video from Mark Fiore

It All Started with The Revamped Food Pyramid

Raw Story

Dems locked out of debate on sweeping and controversial REAL ID Act

The Village Voice

Halliburton's Military Meals 'Pretty Unbelievable'

Halliburton is charging 45 Dollars for a case of soda in Iraq. They got caught overcharging taxpayers by 136 Million. Mean while Bush is lying about Social Security. Bush and Blair are lying about the War in Iraq, They are all lying about everything.

                     Heres a close up of Bush biting his lips which means he is lying

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