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Comic: Say Hi To The Insurgents

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 12th, 2007 5:38 pm by HL

News Items:
Embattled AG Gonzales visits Baghdad

Bush war adviser says draft worth a look

Bush Douglas Lute wants the draft back?

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One Response to “Comic: Say Hi To The Insurgents”

  1. jaCKIE KANE Says:

    George Bush ‘YOU SUCK’ bigtime…I am 57 yrs old, an Australian and I really feel for the US citizens who do not approve of your tactics/racism/bigotry/violence/inadequacy- genitalia?/masturbation over great impossible bullying “wins”in Iraq & other subservient countries you have wreaked havoc upon/your stupid selections of people around you: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove all egotistical maniacal bastards/and your basically obnoxious leadership/ may you simply disappear into a crevice somewhere or under a rock from which you crawled out/a recovered alcoholic – your only appealing feature! Sod off and free America!!! /Your father, a slightly larger bonsai wreaked enough destruction but nothing compared to you./ Sadly, I don;t think you are intelligent enough to realise the destruction you have brought, not just to the middle east, but in your own country, you have starved millions of people of leadership and good social policies. You, like John Howard have taken us back 50 years. You are a war criminal. You and Rumsfeld & Cheney will do your time as war criminals..believe me..if there is a god you will be tried for your absolute greed and hatred. God Bless America..but without you.
    I don;t care who wins the next US election..I am just glad it won;t be you..you are a nasty, unintelligent, uncaring individual. You don;t even make the grade as a politician (who are generally deplored.) When you retire I hope you don;t sleep a wink, thinking of the hundreds of thousands of lives you have senselessly killed in Iraq..and all for your tiny ego..to make you feel of military importance..the man who shunned military service and didn’t even fight for his country, nor his place in the in the tree with his siblings/friends. Shame George Shame
    jackie kane (Australia)
    ps gather you’re here right now for APEC…well please leave as soon as you can. I have family & friends here in the cities and I’d like to think they weren’t under a terrorist attack..and you’d have to be a target, so the sooner you leave the soner we’ll al be happy. So long George.