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Hey George, What Time is It?

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on June 13th, 2007 5:23 pm by HL

They Love him in Albania, Bush Watch Stolen Off His Own Wrist.

This is a 14 Part Comic


See The Rest Of The Comic Here.

10 Responses to “Hey George, What Time is It?”

  1. Conservative Christian Values Says:

    George Bush is cleaning up 8 years of a failed Clinton presidency. His policies shrinkened the military, CIA and FBI. Thank God we have George W Bush in the White House, he brought back decency and class to the hallowed halls of the white house

  2. HL Says:

    Yeah and stupid is the new smart, right?

  3. HL conspiracy Says:

    And it has been well documented that the watch was not stolen.

    Here at HL we don’t retract anything though

    So sorry

  4. H.L. Says:

    Why? Because Bush says it wasn’t? Yeah, we all know how honest he is.

  5. HL conspiracy Says:

    No the other camera angle shows him putting his watch in his pocket before shaking hands.

    If you actually watched the news and reported fact you would know that. Instead you fabricate stories with no truth so you can make a comic.

    Your just as bad as Bush as far as lies and distortion.

  6. H.L. Says:

    I watched the other video, It did not show him putting the watch in his pocket. Also snow lied again when he said that Bush put his arm behind his back, so a secret service guy could take the watch from him. He may have slipped the watch into his pocket but the camera did not show that. Even if he did, hey can’t we have a little fun on behalf of the monkey. Funny thing, in the comic I said it was a cheap Timex with fake leather band, I was just making that up for a laugh, then I found out it really was a Timex. The guy is worth a Trillions of stolen dollars and he wears a Timex. What a total rube.

  7. HL conspiracy Says:

    It showed him bringing his left arm across his body where he removed the watch with his right hand and put it in his pocket.

    I know the video quality was not the best but on the networks it looked legit.

    And you are right he wears a cheap ass Timex……maybe he is trying to give the impression he is frugal.

    Maybe Snow was thinking of some weird sexual thing while bush had his arm behind his back.

    Of course you can have fun with a monkey……you have been these last six and a half years right??

  8. H.L. Says:

    Frugal? you mean like spending…hold on let me scroll down to the toteboard…335 Billion and change on the worst failure in US History, yeah thats frugal, by taking Bill Clinton’ surplus and turning it into the biggest debt this country ever had with his tax cuts to the super rich. Real Frugal

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Truly excellent. Very funny. Bush does look absolutely furious. The Albanian president worried.

  10. mest Says:

    You have to start implementing the spell check you rogue. Ha… just kidding, but really why wouldn’t you want it to be professional?