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        Wednesday, October 26, 2005

       10/26/05 Bush Thanks The Troops..Again

President Bush thanks the troops for fighting for the lie

       10/26/05 Afternoon News Headlines.

Republicans Cut Several Programs in Budget

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - House Republicans voted to cut student loan subsidies, child support enforcement and aid to firms hurt by unfair trade practices as various committees scrambled to piece together $50 billion in budget cuts.

More politically difficult votes — to cut Medicaid, food stamps and farm subsidies — are on tap Thursday as more panels weigh in on the bill. It was originally intended to cut $35 billion in spending over five years, but after pressure from conservatives, GOP leaders directed committees to cut another $15 billion to help pay the cost of hurricane recovery.

H.L.s Take: They give Billion Dollar no bid contracts to Halliburton to clean up their messes, the mess they are responsile for in New Orleans, and Iraq, then cut out all the money to the people they are stealing from so that Uncle Dicks company can get ever richer.

Protesters mark 2,000th U.S. fatality in Bush's Quagmire

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - "We're seeing rapid changes in public opinion in favor of ending the war and bringing back the troops and it's beginning to be reflected in Congress," said Phyllis Bennis of the anti-war Institute for Policy Studies.
"The anti-war position is no longer held exclusively for activists. It is beginning to give voice to the majority in this country," she said.
The death on Saturday of a soldier wounded in combat in Samarra, Iraq, on October 17 pushed the toll to 2,000. More than 15,000 U.S. troops have also been wounded in combat in the war that began March 2003.

H.L.s Take: Bush has no intention of bringing home the troops, now or ever. This is called Permanent War, and they are getting rich off of it.

Focus of Prosecutor in CIA Leak Inquiry Appears to Shift to Rove

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - In recent days, attention has centered on Libby and the vice president's office. On Tuesday, the focus appeared to shift again to Rove, a White House deputy chief of staff who has been called before the grand jury four times. Fitzgerald's investigators asked the former colleague about any comments Rove might have made about his conversations with journalists in the days before Plame's name was made public by columnist Robert Novak.
"It appeared to me the prosecutor was trying to button up any holes that were remaining," a lawyer familiar with the case said. The lawyer asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the ongoing inquiry.

H.L.s Take: Hopefully Fitzgerald buttons up those holes nice and tight. I want Iron clad cases agaisnt all these bastards.