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August 3, 2005

20 Dead Ohio Marines in 2 Days. Somewhere Paul Hackett is Crying

By H.L.

Another 14 Marines were killed in Iraq today, along with a U.S Journalist that was shot to death. That goes along with 7 Marines and a language translator that were killed in Bush�s Quagmire less then 2 days ago. That means that at least 23 Americans have been killed in nightmare that won't end over the past 48 hours, so much for Iraq being safer then Detroit. I wonder how many innocent Iraqi women, and children were killed during that same 48-hour period. We will never know that, but this much we do know: The reasons that we are supposedly over there have proven to all be lies. The Bush administration does not even try to cover those tracks anymore, CIA operatives have been compromised to get this war off the ground, and Treason has been committed.
Meanwhile here at home life goes on as usual, The mainstream news continues to talk about Natalee Holloway, and Michael Jackson; if you get your information strictly from the MSM, you might think it was still 1997, when all we had to worry about was how that stain got on the blue dress.
Ironically, the 14 Marines that died today as well as 6 from the attack 2 days ago were all from Ohio, the same state that just yesterday defeated an anti-war Iraq veteran that was running for a seat in the House of Representatives in Ohio�s second congressional district. I wonder if anyone in that district is having second thoughts about the vote they just cast, I wonder if anyone who voted for Jean Schmidt who has been a consistent war hawk knew any of the soldiers who�s bodies will soon be shipped back home in flag draped caskets which will not be shown on television or anywhere else in the media, before they are lowered into the ground soon to be forgotten by all except the closest family and friends of that Ohio regiment. I wonder if anyone who was outraged that Hackett would call the biggest chickenhawk of all time exactly what he was, is now mourning the loss of a friend or family member who they will never see again.
Being that Ohio is the same state that helped cost John Kerry the Presidency, (although he cost himself the Presidency a lot more than Ohio did), I wonder if the Black Hand of Diebold has once again helped the luckiest man in the world George W. Bush. Hackett lost the election by only 3500 votes out of 112,000 cast, in a formerly heavily dominated Republican stronghold.
The 14 Ohio Marines killed today were in Haditha, 140 Northwest of Baghdad, they were riding in an Amphibious Assault Vehicle, which was struck by a roadside bomb.
According to AP, the assault vehicle being used is not as heavily armored as The Bradley fighting vehicle that the Army gets to use, of course Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, the guy in charge of keeping these Marines safe, has publicly stated that �We have to go to war with the Army we have,� he said that after a renegade Marine got loose at a press conference and dared to question Rumsfeld on the lack of armored vehicles that most of the soldiers in Iraq had to deal with. At that point the lying weasels in The Bush administration promised that armoring vehicles in Iraq would become a priority. When Bush was asked the same question the soldier asked Rumsfeld, his reply was "We expect our troops to have the best possible equipment. And if I were a soldier overseas wanting to defend my country, I would want to ask the Secretary of Defense the same question," I guess they never got the answer. That was last December, so here we are 8 months later, and Marines are still being killed in under armored vehicles. After the soldier asked Rumsfeld about the armored vehicle situation, all the mainstream media could talk about was how a reporter helped orchestrate the question and a giant hubbub was made about whether the Press had manipulated the press conference, as if that was far more important then the actual question itself because having soldiers in harms way while Halliburton banks another 10 Million is not nearly as important as if a reporter helps a member of the active combat armed forces get a question to the boss.
The incident in Haditha today is among the deadliest attacks against The U.S. forces in Iraq. Only 2 other attacks against American soldiers have resulted in more deaths, once again proving Dick Cheney assertion that �The Insurgency is in its final throes� dead wrong. On December 21, of last year 22 Marines died when a suicide bomber somehow managed to blow up a mess tent in the supposedly heavily fortified Green zone. Another16 soldier�s lives were cut short along with 26 wounded on November 2 2003, when a transport Helicopter they were riding in was shot down by a shoulder fired anti aircraft missile. The deadliest day of the Iraq war was not even caused by combat, or an insurgent with a bomb. It was caused by one of the many accidents that have occurred proving that our brave fighting men are even more ill trained, then they are ill equipped. It happened on January 26 of this year when 31 Marines were killed when a Helicopter crashed while flying in bad weather.
Now, in a never ending series of political moves that The Bush administration makes under the assumption that the American people are a bunch of dolts with the memory span of a hamster; it has been announced that there will be significant reduction of American troops in Iraq by mid 2006. Why do you suppose that is? Not because it�s Mission Accomplished (still even 2 years after the worlds biggest liar promised us it was) Not because we have installed a stable government capable of ruling itself and capitulating to Bush�s every demand. Not even because we have finished pumping every ounce of oil out of the ground. Its because the midterm elections at that point will be only a couple of months away, and in that time the voters will forget all about the dead, and wounded, and all the lies, and just remember that Bush was a peace President who ended the War In Iraq. Glory Glory hallelujah.

We got another emailfrom Dennis P. Kelly
A bunch of bored losers, Why don't you put your efforts into really doing something like actually helping someone or something. If you want change run for office and stop making excuses about the problems. You sound like an annoying Mother - in - law in the back seat that thinks she knows everything but doesn't get off your ass to do anything but complain

H.L. Responds:
Dennis, thanks for writing in, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write.
You probably have not been reading this website very long, so you don't know that in the 1 year that I have been doing this site that I have spent over 1,000 hours trying to put out something that may help educate people to the lies, and garbage, and Death that this administration puts out.
You probably don't know that in that time I have practically gone broke trying to accomplish that goal.
You probably don't know that as of right now I am less then one month away from not making my rent because I spend so much time working on this site because it is something that I believe in with all of my heart.
You probably don't know that except for 2 generous people who have sent in small donations, I have not made a dime doing this.
Dennis you probably also don't know that since the bloody quagmire has begun that I have attended every single anti war demonstration that has been held here in Hollywood, and L.A. You probably also don't know that I spent my own money last summer to travel to New York to protest Bush, at his convention, and to report what was really going on for this website.
You Probably don't know that I was Arrested at that convention and had to spend 19 hours in a greasy, grimy disgusting bus warehouse in a cage, with asbestos all over the floor, and that I had to spend my own money to travel back to NY to fight the charges which were of course dropped because the Police arrested me for stepping off a sidewalk after they told me to do so. You probably also don't know how much crap I have to take from ill informed people like you for what I do, even though I am just trying to stop people from getting killed
Running for office would be nice, but that takes money. Money I don't have. Right now I'd be happy to have enough money to keep this sight going beyond next month. Hey Dennis what do you do? Beside write in to a website to ridicule someone who is trying to make a difference. OK dude, thanks for the feedback, and have a nice day.

If anybody who wants to do something besides complain about people who care, and has the means, and would like to help out, I would greatly appreciate any Donations that you can afford. My goal is to make this the biggest and best site of its kind on the web, and I will continue to work toward that goal as long as possible. I would also like to thank the people who write in with positive comments for the work that I do. You people are what keeps me going.
Thanks H.L.


Bush Takes Time From His Vacation To Comment On Marine deaths, sees no early pullout

Excerpt: On Iraq, Bush insisted progress was being made despite the grim news that 21 Marines have been killed in three days in Iraq, including 14 on Wednesday in the deadliest roadside bomb attack since the Iraq war began

H.L.s Take: See the story at the top of this page

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