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        Friday, September 02, 2005

       09/02/05 The Sunshine Boys, Together Again.

George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton will help raise money for the Katrina relief effort

George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton will help raise money for the Katrina relief effort

George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton will help raise money for the Katrina relief effort

George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton will help raise money for the Katrina relief effort

George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton will help raise money for the Katrina relief effort

George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton will help raise money for the Katrina relief effort

       09/02/05 Mr. Bill Knew...

Saw this on Crooks and Liars.

Bush didn't know that that New Orleans could be flooded, but Mr. Bill (from Saturday Night Live) knew.
Last Year Mr. Bill made a video Public Service Announcement about what could happen if a Hurricane hit New Orleans, so as one of the posters on C&L said, that means this administration is dumber then a hunk of clay, and he' right.

The Prophetic Mr. Bill Video

Unf**king Believable.

       9/2/05 Satellite Photos of New Orleans, Before and After

This is from Global

Comparative imagery of a Highway interchange in New Orleans, pre- and post-Katrina

Comparative imagery of City Park in New Orleans, pre- and post-Katrina

Comparative imagery of Gormley Stadium, City Park, pre- and post-Katrina

width="350" height="300"
Comparative imagery of the New Orleans Fairgrounds, pre- and post-Katrina

Comparative imagery of the Superdome, pre- and post-Katrina

       Does AP read The HL?

Once again AP is covering for the Murdering, sub-human, revolting Disaster Monkey.
I am so angry at this disgusting, vile, piece of rancid shit, that I could scream. I can not write what I really think we should do about this bastard because if I did I would probably soon get a knock at my door from the secret service; but I can say this. Next time you run into anyone anywhere that still supports this Evil tool of the ultra rich, (who you know are high-fiveing each other right about now over this)Punch them right in the face as hard as you can, then when they fall, kick them in the head a couple of times. Anyone who is still behind the worst human being since Hitler, (whom of course The Bush Family supported during World War 2, and had to pay a fine under the trading with the enemys act for doing so) deserves nothing less.
Once again now that Bush is under fire, AP has removed the "President Bush Slideshow" from its Political Slideshow category. You can see one of Al Gore, Harry Reid, Tom Delay, Condi, Wolfie, Governors, Bob Taft, and Ernie Fletcher, but not one of the Scumbag. These slideshows are where I get most of my material for the Comics such as yesterdays of Bush looking out his Air Force 1 Window, (if you haven't seen it scroll down.) Which only leads to one question? Does AP read The Hollywood Liberal?
Don't worry though, I'll find some pics, and bash the monkey even harder. Time to start scouring the net now. In the meantime heres some news stories for you in the postings below.

       09/02/05 More News Stories

The Huffington Post
Are People Dying Over Here Because We're Fighting Them Over There?

Rigourous Institution
Helter Skelter

Washington Monthly
Could the people in charge of managing the catastrophe in New Orleans possibly be more clueless?

The Devastating Impact of Hurricane Geogre

WIS-TV Charlotte
Charlotte gas stations close due to shortages

World stunned as US struggles with Katrina

Prison Planet
Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross

       9/2/05 'While bodies rot, Bush acts like he couldn't care less — because he couldn't'

By Mark Drolette

As the unmitigated horror in New Orleans and environs unfolds and the type of immediate, massive government assistance that was needed from the earliest moments of Katrina's landfall Monday scandalously and unforgivably fails to materialize, it is impossible to miss how America's creeping third-world status has been given a mammoth storm surge of a push forward, abetted oh-so miserably well by George W. Bush's characteristically compassionless comportment.

As corpses decompose and diseases incubate, millions of us scream, "Where's Bush?" We do so knowingly, though, because it's obvious where he is: hiding. Doing what he's always done, not showing up when it counts, taking the easy way out, ducking responsibility, not giving a flying fig about anyone but himself. He's been handed absolutely everything in his putrid little (low)life, including two presidencies, and he sure isn't about to extend any effort now. Because, really, why bother? Most importantly, though: What's in it for him?

Though thoroughly disgusted and outraged yet again by Bush's behavior, I am not in the least bit surprised, something that could really only happen if Dubya were to somehow (by mistake, no doubt), actually do something human-like.

Having a country's "leader" go AWOL when tens of thousands of its citizens are in immediate distress and danger is, dare I say it, not the hallmark of a civilized nation. For those who mindlessly crow that "America is the greatest country in the world," take a good, hard, mortifying look at who is heading it -- straight into a living hell. Your main man -- the guy who, even were he videotaped with caked white powder around both nostrils, gleefully servicing his favorite heifer, and shot-gunning the reporter about to divulge that it ain't just brush Dubya clears out there in the back forty, you'd still support because, gol-dangit, he's "a good Christian" -- is less help right now than even Elvis to those in Katrina's wake since Bush hasn't even entered the building.

Instead, he does a meaningless little flyover, comfortably and detachedly "observing" the immensely wretched devastation from on high. He goes on Good Morning America to display crocodile tears over the area's straits while crocodiles are on display in the area's streets and says (per Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press) that he "just can't imagine waving a sign that says 'Come and get me now.'"

Well, of course he can't; he's a Bush, a member of the privileged, powerful clan that, from Prescott Bush's money-laundering days for the Nazis, to Poppy Bush's murderous years as CIA director/veep/president, to his own current reign of terror, has made and sustained its (America number one crime) family fortune on the broken backs and snuffed-out lives of millions of human beings, both home and abroad. The Bushes specialize in delivering destruction to people, not people from it, and not one of them ever need worry about holding a sign that says "Will work for helicopter ride."

Obviously, though, one can't be a good sacker or looter without holding humankind in utter contempt. So the trick is to convince enough people that you honestly care about them even while you suck their husks dry. With the invaluable assistance of a bribed, lapdog American whoreporate media, Dubya and his crew have managed to convey this image well enough to continue their pillaging. While millions of us have long recognized him for the fascist puppet he is, Dubya's handlers have nonetheless managed to paint him as "a regular guy" (though I've yet to understand what his bowel movements have to do with anything).

Bush's natural tendency to freeze, though, in the face of anything more trying than a paper cut, is on full display in Katrina's Dantesque aftermath. One of America's unique and most beloved cities is in anarchy. Whole parts of states have nightmarishly been turned into flooded and wrecked no-man's lands where people have gone without food, water, medicine, or shelter for days, and who are left to mind-bendingly wonder why no help is forthcoming.

Well, here's why: because they have a president who really isn't, and who also does not give a midget rat's ass about them. The only worrisome thing about Katrina's devastation to Bushco is bad press that may impede the whole rotten lot's ability to pursue their sole concern: the acquisition of (more) power and profits. Dubya and his administration, chock full of Poppy's longtime pals, have always looked at human beings as nothing more than disposable consumer units, whether they be American or otherwise.

To the Bushes and ilk, the whole world is their oyster; nationalities matter not. Borders are but mere constructs, pifflings that only concern the billions of people who both comprise a vast buyer base and naively believe that things like sovereignty should be respected. The Bush and their unkind kind consider natural resources -- anywhere -- to be theirs by birthright. If they have it already, they want to keep it. If they don't have it but think they may want it later, they will do anything to secure it for possible future use.

And whoever suffers in the robbing of those riches matters not, as long as the Bushes and the Dick Cheneys and the Donald Rumsfelds and the Richard Perles and all the rest get their sickening split.

So, those suffering in New Orleans, Biloxi, and so many other places? What about 'em? Most of those who are so desperately struggling to survive after Katrina's brutal thrashing, hoping beyond hope that help will arrive before they perish, were poor to begin with; they sure as hell aren't any richer now. They've nothing to offer (read: steal), so: Who cares?

Not Dubya, that's for sure, 'cause nothing's in it for him. Besides hoping that our fellow citizens get help from somewhere, anywhere, before it is too late, the next best thing one can wish for is that enough people in this country will finally see George W. Bush for what he is: an utterly despicable, soulless, inhuman, cowardly cipher who couldn't care less about anything that happens to anyone who isn't him.