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March 13, 2005.
Hey guys, hows it going. I am going to be gone most of the day today, so there will not be a full posting. We'll be back tomorrow morning. In the meantime heres a clip of Ann Coulter being her usual idiot self, she accused Alan Colmes of being a liar and he took offense to it. But he didn't slam her as hard as he should have

Check it out.

U.S. 'Hallucinating' Over Nuclear Talks, Iran Says

Lets put on some Grateful Dead By Paul Hughes TEHRAN (Reuters) - Washington is "hallucinating" if it thinks Iran will scrap its nuclear fuel production plans in return for economic incentives, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying Sunday.
The United States offered the encouragements in support of the European Union which is negotiating with Tehran to try to persuade it to give up sensitive nuclear activities.
"U.S. officials are either unaware of the substance of the talks or (they are) hallucinating," Sirus Naseri, a senior member of Iran's nuclear negotiating team, told the official IRNA news agency.
Iran says it needs atomic technology to generate electricity and will never use it to make bombs, as the United States fears.
Jerry was the man London's Sunday Times said Israel had drawn up plans for a combined air and ground attack on Iranian nuclear installations if diplomacy fails to halt Tehran's atomic program.
The newspaper said Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his inner cabinet had given "initial authorization" for a unilateral attack at a private meeting last month.
Israel, which bombed Iraq (news - web sites)'s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, played down the report. Iran has said it will respond vigorously to any attack on its nuclear plants.
Washington gave practical backing for the EU's diplomatic approach Friday, offering to allow Iran to begin talks on joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) and consider letting it buy civilian airline parts if it ceased all activities that could produce fuel for nuclear power plants or atomic weapons. Washington and the EU have warned Iran it faces referral to the U.N. Security Council, which could impose economic sanctions, if it fails to allay fears it wants the bomb.
Jerry was the man U.S. PROPOSAL "DISRESPECTFUL" Iran dismissed the U.S. offer as insignificant. Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi told IRNA it was "funny and disrespectful."
"The U.S. should apologize to Iran for making this proposal," he said, going on to describe Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a "queen of war and violence."
Naseri said it was not clear if greater U.S. involvement in the negotiations was "helpful or an obstacle to progress."
He said the EU, which has persuaded Iran to suspend potentially weapons-related activities like uranium enrichment while the two sides try to reach a solution, was close to accepting that Iran would not give up enrichment.
Instead, Tehran has offered to give "objective guarantees" that it will not divert nuclear fuel to military uses.
"It seems the Europeans are ready to adopt a logical position," Naseri said.
Iran has refused to disclose its guarantees publicly but diplomats and analysts say it is offering to allow intrusive inspections that ensure it only enriches uranium to a low grade which would be unsuitable for weapons.
It may also be prepared to restrict its enrichment activities to a pilot project, too small to make weapons production practical, diplomats and analysts say.
Such a solution would allow Iran to save face while meeting most of the West's concerns.
So far EU officials have said the only acceptable guarantee would be for Iran to mothball its enrichment plans and rely on imported nuclear reactor fuel.
The two sides are due to hold a crucial meeting in Paris on March 23 to review their talks.
"If the policy of the United States and Europe is for Iran not to go after nuclear weapons, we are ready to negotiate and reach an agreement," Hossein Mousavian, another of Iran's nuclear negotiators, told IRNA.
"However, if they want to prevent Iran producing the fuel it needs for its nuclear power plants, Iran will not welcome negotiations or these incentives."

Have you seen the video of Clinton Curtis? He is the guy who claims that Congressman Tom Feeney Paid him to rig a computer program that was designed to "flip the vote" in Florida. In other words the real loser would be the winner Well this guy comes right out in court and admits. (if you have a slow connection, you may want to right click on the link, hit Save Target as. let it download and watch it later)

Video of man who rigged vote for Bush, in Court.

Jeff Gannon, call your office
Delaware Online

Former Biden staffer sentenced to prison for campaign-fund theft

Excerpt: A former campaign worker for U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., was sentenced in federal court today to three years and one month in prison for stealing more than $412,000 from the senator. Roger D. Blevins of Elsmere was accused of raiding Biden�s re-election fund to pay for dates with, and buy lavish presents for, performers on a gay pornographic Web site.
H.L.s Take: I swear that I am not making this stuff up.

Yes he really is that dumb


Poll Shows Concern About Gov't Secrecy

Asia Times

Dollar Catching Asian Flu

Its going to be a hard landing

Democrats fighting back?? Maybe Howard Dean's influence is starting to show through.
Washington Post

House Ethics Panel in Gridlock

Democrats Refuse to Participate Under New GOP Rules


Calif. Gov. 'News' Videos Cause a Stir

Wow, one of the mainstream networks is saying something that Bush wouldnt want people to hear. Why are they doing that???
ABC News

Secret FBI Report Questions Al Qaeda Capabilities

No 'True' Al Qaeda Sleeper Agents Have Been Found in U.S.

Louisville Courier Journal

Arming Terrorists.

Excerpt: You might think that if President Bush and his team were forced to choose between protecting the American people from terrorists and heeding the National Rifle Association, the administration would come down on the public's side.

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