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April 18, 2005.
                                      Smart Dog.

Whats up Happy monday to you. We've got a photo essay on Tom Delays trip to the NRA Convention yesterday. I was doing some checking and I found out that this website has had over 400,000 Hits, in the last 49 days. I am going to throw it open to anyone who would like to do some advertising with us. I've never done this before, so I am willing to start off with some Super Cheap deals. I don't really want to have advertising but, money is getting tighter by the day around here. If you are interested contact me here, and we'll work out a deal. Ok heres Tom.

Tom Delay goes to The NRA Convention: 4/17/05
              Tom Delay addresses the NRA meeting in Houston 041605 and makes some friends       Tom Delay and a good buddy of his onstage at The NRA Meeting in Houston 041605
Tom Delay and a guy in a coonskin cap about to have some fun at the NRA Meeting 041605Tom The Hammer Delay, introduces the entertainment at the NRA Convention in Houston Texas 041605
Ted Nugent onstage playing Guitar at the NRA meeting in Houston April 16 2005Ted Nugent makes a speech after playing NRA meeting 041605 Charlie Daniels plays at the NRA meeting in Houston on 041605          Tom delay bids goodnight to the crowd at the NRA convention 041605

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