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February 14, 2005.
                                                 They Loooove the Monkey
Hi, hows everyone doing, heres a little state of the site message. I have been not posting as often as I have in the past due to the fact that I now have a full time job, and I was very busy last week. Posting should now begin happening on a more regular basis. I will also be posting a some new HLTV soon. I have not got around to doing any shooting or editing lately but I want to get that going again. I have one clip that will be coming out called "The Coolest Park in L.A.", and another one which I will shoot this week which will be called "H.L. Goes To Work" you get to find out how I make my living by watching Movies, and TV.
On todays postings I have taken the first stories and have the links available in .pdf version. as well as normal links to the story. I want to see if anyone has any problems opening up the pdf files, and if everyone is able to see them ok. The reason I am doing this is because most of the newspaper website only keep the links active for a few days, after that if you click on the link you get one of those "This page cannot be displayed" pages, and the link is dead, .pdf files make a picture of the webpage which will be there as long as the link is up. I am going to begin archiving all the old newspaper links on .pdf files Let me know if you have any problems opening the links by contacting me at the top of the page. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader (which you need to view .pdf files) you can download it for free at Adobe.com. Maybe I will post all the new ones in both formats for awhile and see how it goes. I have decided to remove all advertising from the site, The H.L., is now a free for all. We will continue to bring you the stories you love not to mention some of the most juvenile political comics on the web. Enjoy.

Tony dares to question the King? Heads may roll over this one, or is it that he knows he's already on the way out

Blair Seeks U.S. Support on Global Warming

.Pdf version

I wonder if they'll be loving Bush so much when these numbers continue to go up?
Florida Sun-Sentinel

Florida food stamp system sees 53% jump from 2000

.Pdf version

                                           Doctors attempt the first ever brain implant
                                                              This is the biggest experiment since that time the doctors put that babboon heart in that guy


Turkey Expresses Concern Over Iraq Vote

.Pdf version

Check out this story and see if anyone can relate.
Liberty Forum

Me, My Mother and The NWO

OK guys see you tomorrow.

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