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July 22, 2005
John Roberts Meets The Senate Democrats

Dick Durbin

John Roberts and Dick Durbin

Durbin: I'll be good

Ted Kennedy

John Roberts and Ted Kennedy

Teddy, and Johnny

Yes sir mr. Roberts

Charles Schumer

NY Senator

Schumer and Roberts

Whatever youy say

Patrick Leahy

Vermont Senator

Leahy and Roberts

No problem

Harry Reid

Nevada Senator

Senate Minority Leader

OK Harry

Howard Dean

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Good Morning. I am currently at work on todays page, there will be at least one new comic, maybe more. I got a late start because I took a trip out to Anahiem last night to go see The New York Yankees Play the Angels. Being an ex-NYer The Yankees are my team, only get to see them when they come out here, or when I go back to NY. Anyway, had a few Beers, then after the game went to a bar, and had a few more, but I feel pretty good right now.

I am also getting ready for tomorrow which is The HLs 1 year Anniversary. We will be having a huge virtual party blow out so make sure you stop by. OK look for todays comics etc. hopefully by noon. Thanks

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Political Comics Slideshows
June 2005 May 2005
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