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Hot Pics & Gossip.

Hot Pics & Gossip.

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The Hollywood
Its Graduatin' Time.
        This is a 17 Part Comic.
Bush Getting off Plane in Enid Oklahoma

Bush met by freedom corp volunteer in Oklahoma

Bush discusses Katrina with volunteer who led crusade for christ in New Orleans

Bush talks about his faith based programs

Bush Bush meets republican graduates before his speech at Oklahoma state

David Schmidly, President Oklahoma State University.

OSU president David Schmidly presents Bush with Hononary degree

President Bush holds up his honorary degree at Ok. State U.

Bush gives the graduation speech at OSU

Bush talks back to some hecklers during a speech.

protesters tell bush to go home during graduation speech at OSU

Bush lies about iraq, and 9/11 during speech in Stillwater Ok.

Bush talks people protest

Anti-War demonstrators turn back on Bush during graduation speech

President Bush at Oklahoma State University

Bush talks to graduates at OSU May 6, 2006

Bush cant speak during speech

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