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July 24, 2005
There he Goes Again. AP

White House Won't Show All Roberts Papers

Excerpt: the Bush administration indicated Sunday it does not intend to release all memos and other documents written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts when he worked for two Republican presidents.
H.L.s Take:Then the Senate should reject him, just like they did to Bolton. They can't expose the records that prove what a bunch of Treasonous Criminals they all are.

Bush On The Road For Social Security AGAIN, And This Time He's Bringing His Mom

Barbara Bush Greets Her Son George.

President Bush talks to an audience on social Security

Bush tells an audience about his secret weapon for Social Security

President Bush introduces his mother to an audience gathered to hear a speech on Social Security

President Bush asks his mother for a favor

President Bush speaks privately with his mother during a public forum on social security

The Presdent explains his Social Security iniatiave to his mother during a rount table discussion on SS

President Bush confers with his mother about his social security plan.

George W. Bush is going to have his mother explain to everyone that his Social Security plan is safe for senior citizens

Barbara Bush the presdents mother explains to a fellow Senior Citizen that there is no need to worry about his plan for the future of Social Security

Barbara Bush and her son George Jr. on stage at a Social Security town hall meeting

Barbara Bush has some choice words for her son the president

Mother and son talking Barbara Bush and George

President Bush confronts his mother about his childhood

President Bush says goodbye to his mom before she gets on a plane

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