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February 9, 2005.
Condi Rice knows whats up, You can't stop us.

Condi: We Can Not Control Hollywood

                                Party on dudes

Check out this cartoon That uses Oreo Cookies to explain how we can fix the budget

True Majority Action

How We Can Fix The Budget

Rove Gets Bigger Role at White House

Looks like Napeoleon a little DETROIT (Reuters) - President Bush's senior adviser, Karl Rove, will take on a wider role in developing and coordinating policy in the president's second term, the White House announced on Tuesday. Rove, who was Bush's top political strategist during his 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns, will become a deputy White House chief of staff in charge of coordinating policy between the White House Domestic Policy Council, National Economic Council, National Security Council and Homeland Security Council. Rove will continue to oversee White House strategy to advance Bush's agenda and will "make sure we have an open and fair process for the development of policy and to make sure the policy is complementary and consistent with the various councils," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. "He is one of the president's most trusted advisers who has played an integral role in strategy and policy development for a long time," McClellan said.

The United States Treasury

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Debt

Democracy for America

Grab a Beer with Howard Dean in D.C. Tonight

NASA                  What the hell was that

A Mysterious Streak Above Hawaii
Credit: Night Sky Live Collaboration

Explanation: What in heavens-above was that? Not everything seen on the night sky is understood. The Night Sky Live (NSL) project keeps its global array of continuously updating web cameras (CONCAMs) always watching the night sky. On the night of 2004 December 17, the fisheye CONCAM perched on top of an active volcano in Haleakala, Hawaii, saw something moving across the night sky that remains mysterious. The NSL team might have disregarded the above streak as unconfirmed, but the Mauna Kea CONCAM on the next Hawaiian island recorded the same thing. The NSL team might then have disregarded the streak as a satellite, but no record of it was found in the heavens-above.com site that usually documents bright satellite events. If you think you have a reasonable explanation for the streak, please contribute to the on-line discussion. Current candidates include a known satellite that was somehow missed by heavens-above, a recently launched rocket, and a passing space rock. Volunteers are solicited by the NSL project to help monitor the operability of each NSL CONCAM, including looking for interesting anomalies such as this. Disclosure: Robert Nemiroff collaborates on both the NSL and APOD projects.

Peace Out

You can get out of The Military as a Conscientious Objector Even if You're Already Enlisted

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Wow some mail is here from Ray

 Humor/commentary column                                                           450   words 
Frank Ray Davis   
HYPOED HYPOCRICY:  Dubya Bush is worried sitless about abortionists killing poor little babies.  But Bush's yen  to throw milllion$ at billlionaires lands us
No. 30 in world statistics on infant mortality (behind Cuba).  The flip side of the scimp coin usually rings phoney.
                                                                   + + +
VULTURE RESURRECTED:  Convicted liar, shady-deal operator, and pal of the
dictators Elliot Abrams sank out of sight and into disgrtace after Reagan's presidency.  But this criminal, who was pardoned of his crimes by Daddy
Bush, is top talent to Dubya's administration.  He is now (believe it or not!)
director of a phooney-baloney factory grandiloquently called Democracy, Human Rights, and International Operations of the National Security Council,
in charge of Project Global Strategy for Democracy.
      With a bird of prey like Abrams in the White House, Dubya can add a new dimension of deceit and deception to his act.
                                               D E C O D I N G   D U B Y A                                                                                     "Peace" means war and then some more
                                       of war and billions spent on war.
                                    "Democracy" is rule of few people
                                       by few people and for few people. 
                                          "Freedom is the lack thereof,
                                      a word that Dubya loves to shove.
                                          "Terrorists" are beastly boors                                           who  got fed up with being poor.
                                  "Free Enterprise" means rich get richer
                                          while the  poor get ever poorer.
                                       "Free elections" are for nicer folk,
                                                 not for just old any bloke.       
                                      "Free Trade" means monopoly rule,
                                      which billionaires find yummy cool.
                                       "Security" too's a low-down rater
                                            several jillion tax bucks later.
                                        "Ouster of tyrants" Bush intends,
                                       but that'd leave us short of friends.
                                          (If it's LOVE that lifts your spirit,
                                      from Dubya's lips, not like to hear it.)
                                         So there's the lingo.  If you please,
                                              now you to can talk Bushese.
                                                                   + + +
UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE DECADE:  "There are people in this administration who have an agenda that is not friendly to Social Security."--Sen. Richard
                                                                    + + + 
TEXANS ARE ALL KINDS:  Dubya and his fellow Texan Pres. Johnson had a
little something in common.  Lyndon launched a War on Poverty; Dubya wars
on poverty PEOPLE.
                                                                     + + + 
DOWN TO THE FUTURE:  Our commander-in-chief has more in common with a non-TEXAN military commander, General Sherman, who ordered, "Leave the
people nothing but their eyes to cry with."  Dubya hasn't brought us down to Sherman level yet, but sure and he's working on it.
                                                                      + + + 
USA  IS NO. 1...
...in the amount spent on health (but no questions, please, about results)
...among the industrialized nations in denying its citizens universal health care 
...in expenditures for war (no smart remarks, though, about Iraq successes)
                                                                      + + +
KING HAD A DREAM:  "If you can't be a tree, be a bush.--Martin Luther King

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Hey guys have a good one, see you tomorrow. H.L.

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