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        Saturday, October 29, 2005

       10/29/05 Cocaine Cowboy.

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

Is George W. Bush on Cocaine again? you decide

       10/29/05 H.L.s Comics Successfully Predicts The Future..Again

Once again H.L.s Comics gave you the story before it happened. This is the 4th time in the past month, where you got it here first This time we go back to October 18, where the designated fall guy, Scooter Libby, knew what was going to happen. So did we.

10/18/05 Rumours Are Flying

Get the story before it happens. Read H.L.s Comics

       10/29/05 Morning News Stories

The Nation
Patrick Fitzgerald: It's Not Over

Excerpt: The fundamental responsibility of the special prosecutor, and the one that he now has an opportunity to pursue, is to determine whether the Bush-Cheney administration set out to punish Wilson for exposing the fact that the president and the vice president had deliberately and dramatically inflated claims regarding Iraqi programs to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Crisis Papers

Libby's Indictment: A Window Into the White House Cesspool

Excerpt: In short, this case is not going to court. As I see it, Libby has two options:

1. Libby cops a plea to one of the charges, and no trial takes place.

2. Bush pardons Libby "pre-emptively" before a trial begins. (Remember that Bush's father pre-emptively pardoned Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger before he even was charged, thus protecting Bush Sr.'s own liability in the Iran-Contra scandal. Like father like son?)

L.A. Times
The 2,000 dead aren't the only victims

Excerpt: As of Friday morning, the Pentagon reported that 7,199 American soldiers had been so badly wounded in action in Iraq that they couldn't return to duty. And 8,154 returned to duty after less severe wounds. Thousands more soldiers were evacuated from Iraq because of illnesses and noncombat injuries.

The Sharpener
Sun Tzu on George W. Bush

Excerpts: There has never been a protracted war which benefited a country...To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence.

Sydney Morning Herald
One million Iranians in anti-Israel protest

Excerpt:"They become upset when they hear any truth-seeking voice. They think they are the absolute rulers of the world," he said during the al-Quds - or Jerusalem - Day protests, which was among the largest since they were first held in 1979 after Shi'ite Muslim clerics took power in Iran.

The Huffington Post
Patrick Fitzgerald Brings No Joy to Bushville Tonight

Excerpt: If I were Karl Rove right now, I'd be kicking myself around the room. The thing that got him into this mess in the first place is spinning stuff he didn't need to spin, and it looks like he's done it once again.
Fitzgerald held his cards close today and gave no indication that Rove was on the hook for anything, giving pause to many who were hoping that he would offer some signal that Turd Blossom's goose was yet to be cooked. But on Thursday evening, Rove's people were spinning furiously to everyone who would sit still -- NYT, WSJ, AP

Sydney Morning Herald
US poor set to lose food stamps

Excerpt: With more than 38 million Americans too poor to buy adequate food, the US Congress has begun to take away the food stamps many of them receive.
The Republican majority on the House Agriculture Committee has approved budget cuts that will take "food stamps" away from an estimated 300,000 people and could cut off school lunches and breakfasts for 40,000 children.
The action came as the US Government reported that the number of people who are hungry because they can't afford to buy enough food rose to 38.2 million in 2004, an increase of seven million in five years.

Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike Congressional Pay Rises While Minimum Stays Same. by Helen Thomas

Excerpt: U.S. senators -- who draw salaries of $162,100 a year and enjoy a raft of perks -- have rejected a minimum wage hike from $5.15 an hour to $6.25 for blue-collar workers. Can you believe it?

Herald Sun (Austrailia)
Furious Blair takes aim at Iran

Excerpt: LONDON -- Tony Blair for the first time held out the prospect of military action against Iran last night after it called for the destruction of Israel.