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        Sunday, February 12, 2006

       Dick Cheney Goes Hunting.

Dick Cheney on a hunting trip /

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Dick Cheney went on a hunting trip yesterday, and ended up shooting a lawyer in the face. Harry Whittington from Austin Texas was out hunting quail with the Vice President, when Dick accidentally (he claims) shot Whittington in the face. Reports so far are that he is going to be alright, but we will keep you posted. The shooting happened Saturday at a ranch near Chorpus Chirsti, but was not reported to the media until the next day. Probably because they needed time to get the story straight and maybe for Cheney to come down on whatever concoction of booze/pills/speed/ he was on. According to The ownber of the ranch Cheney was about 30 yards away when he blasted Whittington with a 28 gauge shotgun. Of course people are already covering for Lord Darth, Armstrong is claiming that Whittington came up from behind and did not announce himself, so Cheney let him have it. Whittington who has been in private practice in Texas since 1950 was named to a number of state boards by then Governor George W. Bush, including the Texas Funeral Commission.

       Brown: I warned Bush on Katrina.

2 Stories came out within the last few days that show that Both Bush, and Cheney, broke the law, and both should be in Prison, The first had Michael Brown swear under oath that he warned Bush, on Katrina even though Bush let people die in New Orleans for 5 days before he did anything. The second story was from Lewis Libby, who will testify that Cheney OK'd the Treasonous leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover. Both these criminals belong in The Federal Penetentary.

Michael Brown: I Warned Bush As Katrina Hit

Excerpt: Under oath, Brown told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that he could not explain why his appeals failed to produce a faster response.
"I expected them to cut every piece of red tape, do everything they could ... that I didn't want to hear anybody say that we couldn't do everything they humanly could to respond to this," Brown said about a video conference with administration officials — in which President Bush briefly participated — the day before Katrina hit. "Because I knew in my gut this was the bad one."
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has said he did not know that New Orleans' levees were breached until Aug. 30. Bush at the time said, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

H.L.s Take: I already gave my take on this one in a story I wrote on September 4,
Bush Response Calculated To Send America A Message

Bush Should be Run out of The White House TODAY!

       Libby: Cheney OK'd Treason

Libby claims Cheney approved classified media leaks

Excerpt: WASHINGTON (AFP) - Indicted former top White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby will argue that Vice President Dick Cheney authorized him to leak classified information in 2003 to bolster the case for the US-led war against Iraq, US news media reports.

H.L.s Take: That Means that Cheney should be arrested for Treason. So why isn't he Congress???