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July 4, 2005

There is a block party today, on Pierpont St. in Ventura. My friend Roby Duron,(see him jam on HLTV) and his band will be playing. If you can make it come on by.

Happy Independence Day from H.L., and a special 4th of July message from talking monkey himself President George W. Bush
Oh no

There was a Doonesbury comic today, on Slate, that slammed Bloggers. It was posted on What Really Happened. I will not put it up here because in my opinion Doonesbury is a lame ass cartoon that was never ever funny. I wouldn't sully my site with his garbage. However I wrote a little response by using Slates feedback button. After I tried to send it they wanted 3 different email addresses, no doubt to add them to there spam list so I could get bombarded even more then I do now. After refusing to provide 2 more email addresses the feedback email would not go through What a bunch of F**king whores. Anyway here is my response to Trudeau. You can see the comic at WRH.

Re; The Doonesbury comic on bloggers.

I have seen the Doonesbury comic in the newspaper for what? 30 years now. In that time I read it for a while never once thinking it was funny, or even interesting, nothing but a complete waste of time. I haven't read it in about 20 years, but saw the Blogger comic on July 4, on What Really Happened.com, which forced me to respond. Hey Trudeau, If you weren't such a corporate comic whore, you might realize that Bloggers are the only ones bringing the truth to the American people. You are nothing but a rich corporate shill, who must love Bush, and seeing all the American solders and Iraqi civilians die. Where do you get your news Mr. Trudeau?, on Network TV? What a joke, you make me sick. Why don't you retire that lame ass comic of yours already you dried up old hack. You could not even come up with interesting characters so you had to use Hunter S. Thompson. If you want to see some good political comics try this BLOG SITE. www.thehollywoodliberal.com
Looking forward to your retirement

I got an email from my Senator, Barbara Boxer about what she is doing to prevent Identity Theft. Here is my response with the help of James PB, a reader of The Smirking Chimp. I liked what he had to say and included it in my reply.

Ms. Boxer,
I Appreciate what you are doing to combat Identity Theft, but how about working on something more important like the War in Iraq that we are losing. Don't get me wrong, I believe that you are the only U.S. Senator who is not a complete War whore, but we need to be doing more to end this fiasco. Every death in Iraq should be another charge of murder against Bush, and his entire war cartel. This War was brought about by lies, so that a very few people could become obscenly rich, at the expense of everyone else. Here is an excerpt from a reader of a website called The Smirking Chimp, that better describes the situation this country is in. Please bare with me as this is important.

Our Congress should never have voted for the $89 billion before they voted for it, before they voted against it, before they voted kind of in favor of it, What a freakin' waste of $300 billion and 1800 lives. Do you know what our country could do with the $300 billion on top of the $350 billion tax cut. That's 650 billion dollars. That would build a hell of a lot of schools, hire a hell of a lot of teachers, provide for a hell of lot of employment, and if spent on scientific research would probalby lead to a cure for cancer, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, spinal injuries and paralysis, a complete understanding of the human genome system and DNA, and medical breakthroughs whereby we would have solved the mystery of how to actually grow new limbs, organs, etc. as well as solve the mysteries of what causes depression and other maladies of the human brain---much to the chagrin of the pharmaceutical industry that is the biggest blood sucking cartel in the world. With this waste of money you'd think that mobs of Ameicans would be clamoring over the Whtie House fence to storm the goddamned place, tar and feather them, and run them all out of Washington---the whole Bush mafioso. With $650 billion we could tell the health insurance industry to go take a flying leap and stick its "pre-existing conditions", its "co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket minimums and its reasonalble and customary expenses", its "limitations, exclusions, termination clauses, and its appeals processes" and tell them to stick it up their ass----that we have had it with their criminal shennanigans that result in 70 million people with no health insurance and 18,000 that die because they have been cut off from health care under the threat of bankruptcy and losing their home. (end of excerpt)

Ms. Boxer, please do whatever you can to see that this nightmare ends ASAP. We all know that Bush was never elected President fairly (either time) Our country has been Hijacked by a gang of murderers and thieves. It must end before it is too late.
Thank You

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