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Gorgeous Celebrity Women

Hot Pics & Gossip.

Hot Pics & Gossip.

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The Hollywood

Rumsfeldian Rhapsody.

An Opera in 18 Parts. Sung to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
General Charles Swannack thinks Rumsfeld should go.

President Bush refuses to fire Don Rumsfeld

General John Riggs is not behind Donald Rumsfeld

George Bush Jr. and Sr.

Guantanamo Prisoners in orange jumpsuits

funny bush pic

Senator John McCain


Russ Feingold

George W. Bush Jr. President Karl Rove

U.S. Army troops in Baghdad

bush monkey

John Kerry

The monkey man

Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden

Pres. Bush

Donald Rumsfeld in trouble

U.S. Congress against Rumsfeld

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