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May 2, 2005.
This is from UWSA.com

It's the Debt . Don't Forget It!!

Your U.S. National Debt up to the minute estimate based on data from the US Treasury and US Census Bureau information.

Estimated National Debt Right NOW!
Share of National Debt For Each US Citizen!
National Debt Share for Breadwinner(s) in Family of 2
National Debt Share for Breadwinner(s) in Family of 3
National Debt Share for Breadwinner(s) in Family of 4
National Debt Share for Breadwinner(s) in Family of 5
National Debt Share for Breadwinner(s) in Family of 6

These figures are straight from the US Treasury presentation on the Web. It looks like it is going up and out of control.

The report ofThe U.S. Army released in the killing of Italian agent Nicolas Calipari 050205 A view of some pages of a report released by the U.S. Army which clears American soldiers in the death of Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari in Iraq, and recommends no disciplinary action following an investigation, Saturday April 30, 2005. The investigation concluded the killing may well have been prevented by better coordination between the Italian government and U.S. forces in Iraq. Large sections of the report were blacked out in the version released to the media Saturday. (AP Photo/Corrado Giambalvo)

Well we were just waiting for this one to cross the desk, we just got it

Italy rules out intentional U.S. killing of agent

Excerpt: ROME (Reuters) - Italy on Monday said the killing of an Italian agent by U.S. soldiers in Baghdad was not intentional, but a government report criticized the U.S. military for the way it organized the roadblock where the shooting took place.

H.L.s Take: Like I said here a couple of days ago. Nothing will stand in the way of Bush, and doing Silvio doing business togther.

USA Today

Gas costs rose after big oil mergers

Excerpt: .Oil prices fell a hefty $1.26 to $39.44 a barrel Thursday, lowest in three weeks. And the nationwide average price of unleaded regular gas retreated 0.2 cents to $2.052 a gallon, including taxes, AAA said. The wholesale price of gasoline fell 3.4 cents to $1.385 a gallon. "I wouldn't be surprised if this holiday weekend you'd be paying the most for gasoline for the year," says Phil Flynn, senior energy analyst at Alaron Trading in Chicago assuming no major terrorist attacks or other catastrophes.

H.L.s Take: . You ever notice how when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, you see that reflected in the price of Gasoline that very day. Price goes up. Some guy runs out and changes the price signs while you are pumping. But, when the price of oil goes down, you don't see that reflected in the prices of Gas for about a month. I wonder how many extra millions the oil companies squeeze out of us using that trick. So the price of oil has come down significantly. They will hold the prices where they are now until after Memorial Day, then you might start to see a slight decrease, that is if the prices don't go back up between now and then which with The Bush cartel in charge will most likely happen.


Bush Aide Urges Dems to Work With GOP

WASHINGTON - President Bush's chief of staff appealed on Sunday for congressional Democrats to work with the administration and Republicans rather than complain and stall action on Capitol Hill. Andrew Card, appearing on three talk shows, also reaffirmed the president's support for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, the Texas Republican whose ties to lobbyists have raised ethics questions, and John R. Bolton, the embattled nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. "We'd like to see more cooperation from the Democrats," Card said. "We have some serious problems in this country that must be addressed. We'd like to see the Democrats be part of the solution rather than just carp about the problem," he told "Fox News Sunday."

H.L.s Take:Do you believe this F**king Guy. He'd like to see more cooperation from the Dems. So I guess purposely throwing the election to Bush was not enough. I guess getting John Kerry to do everything in his power to lose, not to mention letting Bush steal the election for the second time was not cooperation enough for them. I guess The Democrats in Congress rolling over and letting Bush have his way on EVERYTHING over the last 5 years is not cooperation enough for these bastards. The Democrats finally decide to fight over something, and now they are not a part of solution. What solution is that? The final solution? The one where they wipe out everyone who is not a rich, republican. Hey Andy, blow me.

Remember this cartoon:
                              Barney help me, help me
Well it looks like Bush is getting serious now.
                              Barneys in trouble now, Bush's approval ratings have not come back up


U.S. Frees 85 Afghans From Military Jails

Excerpt: There was no apology for the 15 released in Kandahar, but the governor handed each of them $234 and a new turban as well as a letter from the U.S. military confirming their release.

H.L.s Take: These are guys that have been held prisioner since 9/11. The Bush Government knew these guys were not a threat within a month after locking them up. But the arrogant bastards didn't want to admit they were wrong. There soulution? Hold them forever. They managed to hold on to them for 3 1/2 years of torture. Now they release them with no apology, 234 Dollars, and A New Turban? Well the first two are downright insulting. But hey the new T Turban makes the 40 months of torture all worthwhile. They also got a letter confirming there release. So next time a U.S. soldier stops them on the side of the road they can pull out the letter to show the soldiers. Right before they get shot.

Upscale Area of Baghdad Bombed; 6 Killed

Excerpt: BAGHDAD, Iraq - A car bomb exploded in an upscale shopping district of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least six Iraqis and setting fire to an apartment building, in a surge of violence that has left at least 130 people dead since a new government was formed last week.

H.L.s Take: Over 30 People blown up this weekend. Another 6 today. We lost 10 more soldiers in the last few days. The news doesn't even talk about Iraq anymore, its all Runaway bride, Michael Jackson, and other bulls**t. They wont forget to remind you how well things are going over there though.

NY Times

Bloodied Marines Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men

Captain Kelly Royer, was removed from command for complaining about the lack of armour in the Humvees in Iraq


Capt. Kelly D. Royer took photos of Humvees in which his men died. He was removed from command, accused of being "dictatorial."


Excerpt: In returning home, the leaders and Marine infantrymen have chosen to break an institutional code of silence and tell their story, one they say was punctuated not only by a lack of armor, but also by a shortage of men and planning that further hampered their efforts in battle, destroyed morale and ruined the careers of some of their fiercest warriors.

H.L.s Take: They never cared about the soldiers in Iraq, and they never will, As far as Bush and Rumsfeld, they are merely cannon fodder by which they use to achieve their goals of global domination.

Read The Whole Story, and Your Comments on The Blog


Bush Will Keep Promoting Social Security Plan

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - President Bush's 60-day nationwide road show launched to raise support for his drive to create private Social Security investment accounts is over, but he has no plans to stop traveling the country or pitching his ideas.

H.L.s Take: I read about 5 different stories over the weekend, that said that the more Bush travelled around talking up his SS plan, the more the public was against it. So now like Willie Nelson, he can't wait to get back out on the road again. Hey George, why don't you go on a 3 1/2 year SS tour. By then you will have sold the nation on it.

Clinton Calls Bush Energy Plan "Dumb Economics"

the people wish he was still Prez. Bill Clinton shakes hands with a crowd of people 050205 Excerpt: Clinton -- received enthusiastically by more than 4,000 students, politicians and top state Democratic fundraisers -- called Bush's energy policy selfish. "I also think it's really dumb economics," he said.

H.L.s Take: Finally Clinton speaks up. for the last 5 years he has kept his mouth shut, and had his picture taken with The Bush's at every possible opportunity. Keep it up Bill. You could help make the monkey look like what he really is.


Washington Post

Doubts About Mandate for Bush, GOP

Excerpt: As the president passed the 100-day mark of his second term over the weekend, the main question facing Bush and his party is whether they misread the November elections. With the president's poll numbers down, and the Republican majority ensnared in ethical controversy, things look much less like a once-a-generation realignment.

H.L.s Take: They didn't misread the elections, they fixed them. Yes Bush's poll numbers are below 50%, the same place they were before the election, and the same numbers Bush pulled in EVERY area where they did not use touch screen computer ballots. Only in Florida, Ohio, and other places where they use computer voting, were Bush's numbers 5% higher, which was enough for him to steal it again, but hey you already know that.

Heres a simlar report from The:
L.A. Times

Bush 2.0

Excerpt: Bush has been traveling the country for weeks like a wild-eyed prophet of Social Security doom, pitching his private accounts as salvation. The more he talks, the less popular his proposals have become.

H.L.s Take: The mainstream media is slowly catching on. They are losing so much circulation due to their whoring, that they may finally be ready to stop the Bushlicking, although this was just an editorial, right next to another that said that Bush didn't have to care what the people thought because he was "elected" to lead the people not follow.

Heres a typical Bush story: Jeb Bush Suspended The Mayor of Orlando, he was accused of Voter Fraud. This is the Republicans favorite game. Do something to screw over everyone except yourself, then accuse your opponents of doing exactly what you are doing, and they are not. Its the ultimate Hypocracy. and one they do so well. Turns out the Orlando Mayor is innocent, and has been put back on the job. Hey Jeb, F**k You, and your monkey mother F**king brother


Mayor Cleared of Absentee Ballot Charges

Excerpt: Dyer, a Democrat who had been suspended by Republican Gov. Jeb Bush when the charges were announced March 11, accepted a pretrial agreement and was reinstated as Orlando mayor hours later.

George Bush speaks with guest at cocktail party

Times Online U.K.

Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan

Excerpt: The minutes, published by The Sunday Times today, begins with the warning: This record is extremely sensitive. No further copies should be made. The paper should be shown only to those with a genuine need to know.� It records a meeting in July 2002, attended by military and intelligence chiefs, at which Blair discussed military options having already committed himself to supporting President George Bush�s plans for ousting Saddam. H.L.s Take: I guess they didn't hear me call the fix already being in, when they bothered to write this

Green Left

IRAQ: Making a killing: the big business of war

Excerpt: While nearly 100,000 Iraqis and 1600 US troops have died as a result of the Iraq war and tens of thousands have been severely wounded, the war has proven to be extremely lucrative for the Houston-based oil services company Halliburton and the San Francisco-based construction company Bechtel. These are the two largest private contractors to the US occupation forces in Iraq.

H.L.s Take: And thats the reason the war is being fought. End of story

Rocky Mountain News

Salazar regrets 'Antichrist' barb

Excerpt: After being relentlessly attacked in telephone calls, e-mails, newspapers and radio stations all across Colorado, having my faith questioned, and having my wife's business picketed as part of these attacks, I spoke about Jim Dobson and his efforts and used the term 'the Antichrist,'

H.L.s Take: Typical Democrat, Apologizing for telling the truth.

Alter Net

The Guards Are Sleeping An Interview with Helen Thomas

Excerpt: Helen Thomas: I think that the media really went into a coma and rolled over and played dead, just as Congress did. It was a politics of fear after 9/11. Everybody, even reporters, started wearing flags after 9/11. At these White House briefings there was an atmosphere among the reporters that you would be considered unpatriotic or un-American if you were asking any tough questions. Then it segued into a war where you'd be seen as jeopardizing the troops if you asked certain questions.

H.L.s Take: Read the whole article.

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