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May 4, 2005.
George W. Bush travels to Mississippi, to promote his Social Security Plan

George W. Bush travels to Mississippi, to promote his Social Security Plan

George W. Bush travels to Mississippi, to promote his Social Security Plan

George W. Bush travels to Mississippi, to promote his Social Security Plan

Blog Critics.org

File your FCC complaint against Laura Bush...

Excerpt: On the evening of April 30, 2004, CSPAN broadcast the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner Saturday night. This broadcast featured a perfectly obvious reference by the First Lady, Laura Bush, to man on animal sex, specifically a human manually manipulating a horse�s penis. This broadcast was patently offensive and violated contemporary community broadcast standards. I demand that CSPAN be fined the maximum amount for each indecency violation.

H.L.s Take: They want to clean up the airwaves, lets start at the top.

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Bomber Kills 50 at Iraq Police Center

Excerpt: IRBIL, Iraq - An Iraqi seen standing in line outside a police recruitment center with job applicants blew himself up Wednesday, killing about 50 Iraqis and wounding some 100 in the deadliest insurgent attack in more than two months, police said.

H.L.s Take: No new news here. Just a fact of life in Bush's America. Thanks George.

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The Nation

An Open Letter to Howard Dean by Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich

Excerpt: Speaking before an ACLU crowd last week in Minnesota, the home state of Paul Wellstone, you were quoted as saying, "Now that we're there [in Iraq], we're there and we can't get out.... I hope the President is incredibly successful with his policy now." Did these words really come from the same man who claimed to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, and who had recently campaigned on the antiwar theme?

H.L.s Take: So Howard Dean, not that he is the head of the party, is joining the Bush band wagon? You know what they say. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Kucinich for President.

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Texas House Bans 'Suggestive' Cheerleading

Excerpt: The bill would give the state education commissioner authority to request that school districts review high school performances.... Edwards argued bawdy performances are a distraction for students resulting in pregnancies, dropouts and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

H.L.s Take: So Dancing on the sidelines of a Football game causes Pregnancies and STDs, Wow those guys in the stands must have some damn good aim. H.L hearby volunteers to be the judge in those school board meetings where the evauluations are being held. I will also privately meet with some of the worst offenders, to discuss this problem.

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Report: Army Knew Details of Tillman Death

Excerpt: A new Army report shows that Gen. John P. Abizaid, the theater commander in Afghanistan, and other top Army officials were aware an investigation had determined the death was caused by an act of "gross negligence" four days before a nationally televised memorial service, The documents show that officers erroneously reported that Tillman was killed by enemy fire, destroyed critical evidence and initially concealed the truth from his brother, also an Army Ranger, who was near the attack, the Post reported.

H.L.s Take: Typical of The Army, they'd still be lying about it now, if Tillman wasn't who he was, and his family had not demanded to know the truth. How many other Soldiers Deaths are they lying about?

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Free Speech Forum

American Workers: Outsourced/Offshored To Death

Excerpt: This tragedy occurred as Colorado�s Governor Bill Owens (governorowens@state.co.us), lobbyists and legislators killed a bill to bring home tax-funded, offshored jobs -- including programming jobs that might have saved this family. Senate Bill 05-023, the Keep Jobs in America Act, would have required Colorado to use tax dollars to hire US workers, ending the State�s practice of hiring foreigners.

H.L.s Take: If we can't work, we can't pay our bills. If we can't pay our bills, they own us. If they own us, they can make us do whatever they want, like go to war to die for there oil profits. Do whatever you can to not let them own you.

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Tomorrow we are going to talk about Marijuana. I just saw a story on yahoo, but I gotta go. It will be good, see you then.

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