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January 3, 2005.
Elder Bush, Clinton to Lead Relief Effort
By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent

They all know it
WASHINGTON - President Bush on Monday tapped two former presidents his father, President George H.W. Bush, and his predecessor, President Clinton to lead a nationwide, private fund-raising campaign to help victims of the Asian tsunamis.
The announcement came as the White House has been scrambling to repair an image battered at home and abroad by perceptions that U.S. aid for the tsunamis lagged behind other countries especially considering the outpouring of support for America from other countries in the hours and days immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
H.L. embellishment: Bush originally pledged $15 Million to the relief effort, an amount so small and embarassing to The Unitied States, that we at the corporate owned press had to lie about it, and say it was $35 Million. It was such a miserly sum that Bush's father finally had to step in and do something about his idiot son. Bush Sr. has stood by while his monkey offspring has killed 1300 American soldiers, and over 100,000 innocent civilians in a war, that he lied his way into. Bush Sr. does not have a problem with that becuase he believes, like most republicans that all non white, non Amercians should be killed. "But this time he's gone to far" said the former President. Clinton just stood there staring in disbelief about the whole situation, and figured he needed to do somehting about the brain dead fool who has ruined all the good work that he (Clinton) tried to do .

Ignore The Media Part 2.
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'2004, year of perversion'

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Alter Net

The 2004 Falsies Awards

How come our leaders didn't do this.? The Hindu (India's National Newspaper)

A phone call saved an entire village

H.L.s Take: Remarkable thing those telephones. We could have used one to make some calls when we found out about the Tsunami, but hey "we didn't know who to call"
American Politics Journal

Spin Tsunami

Beat the Press

Some figures that Tim Russert did NOT start his interview with:
  • Number of deaths due to four Florida hurricanes in 2004: 117
  • Number of deaths due to Aceh earthquake and tsunami in 2004: 140,000+
  • Homeless due to Florida hurricanes: 11,000
  • Homeless due to Aceh earthquake/tsunami: 5,000,000
  • US government aid to help Florida hurricane victims: $2.04 billion
  • US government aid to help Aceh earthquake/tsunami victims: $350 million [after the initial offer of $35 million, err. sorry, thats $15 Million]
  • Estimated cost of George Bush's upcoming inauguration celebration, not including security costs: $40 million
  • US government direct cost, per hour, of the US war in Iraq: $9 million
  • Yearly rate of al Qaeda expenses in Iraq, according to Osama bin Laden - $14.1 million.
  • Tsunami aid initially pledged by Denmark - $15.5 million.
  • Taypayer funds paid by Florida's Governor Jeb Bush for state's new 'People First' payroll software that can't calculate 2004 overtime pay owed to state employees until 2005 - $350 million
  • Halliburton's income from US government contracts alone in 2003 --$4.2 billion.
  • Amount of US money given away to Iraqi ministries by the US that cannot be accounted for - $8.8 billion.
  • Amount of Iraq's prewar debt US seeks to persuade other nations to forgive - $120 billion.
  • US Costs of Iraq War to date - $147.6 billion and rising.
  • US projected Costs of the Iraq War per month beyond 2004 - $4 billion.
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Time to look for some real work, later. H.L.

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