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        Tuesday, January 17, 2006

       1/17/06 George W. Bush Loves Black People

President Bush had the audacity to proclaim at his Martin Luther King Day speech, that
he cared about King, and his legacy. Bush actually called King “One of the greatest Americans who ever lived. Bush’s current approval rating amongst black people is at 2% Despite that The NAACP decided to let Bush come in and give a speech, where he tried to pretend he is not a racist, and that he really does care about black people. Of course no one believes any of this. But then no one believes anything Bush says. So without further ado we present: George W. Bush Loves Black People.

President Bush speaks on Martin Luther King Day 011605

Bush wants Black people to think he cares

Bush speaks at NAACP in Washington 011605

George W. Bush tries to repair his image among blacks after Katrina

       1/17/06 Video Of Al Gore's Speech.

Al Gore, the man who had the Presidency stolen from him in 2000, gave a speech tonight in Washington. Mr. Gore spoke on the illegality of Bush’s domestic spy program. Mr. Gore was introduced by former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, whom, among other Republicans, are coming out against President Bush’s policies.
Gore drew a parallel between Dr Martin Luther King, who was wiretapped, by the FBI in the sixties, and innocent Americans who are being eavesdropped on today.
Here is the complete Video of Gore’s speech.

Gore Blasts Bush: Video of Speech.