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March 22, 2005.
                                         Yep I believe it

Hey guys, sorry about the sparse postings lately. I've been hit by a whole bunch of stuff all at once. I have a couple of jobs I have to work on, plus I have to get ready for my big speech, this Thursday at Whittier Law School. Everyones invited and its Free. In the meantime, with Baseball season rapidly approaching heres one for you. Check out this story.

And they say the Yankees are the Evil Empire
The Chicago Tribune.

Jet's travels cloaked in mystery

Red Sox partner's plane hits spots U.S. sent terror suspects
Excerpt: But what was the very same Gulfstream--owned by one of the Red Sox's partners, but presumably without the team's logo on its fuselage--doing in Cairo on Feb. 18, 2003? ...
After the plane landed in Cairo at 2:35 a.m. the next day, al-Zery and Agiza were taken to Masra Tora prison. According to Swedish government documents made public by Channel 4, when the two men were visited by the Swedish ambassador five weeks later they told him they were being tortured.

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