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        Wednesday, February 22, 2006

       Bush Ports Deal Pt. 2

See Bush's Ports Deal Pt. 1

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       A NYC Cop Writes In.

(This is in response to my posting the latest Abu Gharib Photos)

From Tom V.
Yes I have an optnion. I think by posting photos of "old" news including a soldier who has already been punsihed for the crimes he committed is just tasteless. You think it's funny, but you're putting the rest of our troops at risk. Then keep making fun of President Bush, at least he isn't sticking cigars into women. When the next 9/11 (or worse) hits L.A. I won't be coming out to help dig you people out. You're a jack-ass and unfortunately it's people like you that need the wake up call. If they manage to detonate a nuke here you can't even begin to imagine how horrible it would be.
Spare me any responses. I don't care. I've been a cop for over 20 years, was at ground zero, and lost alot of friends there and in this war. Nothing you could say would interest me.
Tom V. NY

Check out my response (Its a good one) Here

       Email: Bush Jokes

From Bob


You asked send in anything interesting, you got it, featuring your favourite person.

(by the way, if you have anything good send it on in. email adress at top of page. H.L.)

Bush Jokes:

What is Bush's position on Roe vs. Wade???

He really doesn't care how people got out of New Orleans.

To see the rest of the jokes go Here

       Now Bush Says He Didn't Know About Ports Deal (Yeah right)

AP has just released a story saying that now Bush claims he did not know about The Ports deal until after it was done by the administration. Oh Jesus F***ing Christ does the BullS**t ever stop. Just yesterday he was saying that the deal would be done no matter what. They he would veto any bill that tried to kill the deal. He did not realize the political firestorm that he started amonst his own people, so now he did not know about the deal. Funny how hard he fought for something he didn't know anything about. Impeach the lying monkey. The time is right.
So does this mean that he will now stop the ports deal. No way. Here is the story, as usual AP only puts a few new sentences in it, then just recopys the previous story about the subject. Amusing reading anyway. Here it is.

Bush Didn't Know About Ports Deal