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March 9, 2005.
Remember that song "Shock The Monkey" (Stare at this pic. for 5 seconds, you'll swear you see it move)
Bush Speaks

Its almost Here: H.L. Will be there, will you?

Global Day of Coordinated Actions
Los Angeles March and Rally

on the 2nd Anniversary
of the "Shock and Awe" Invasion of Iraq

Sat. March 19, 2005, 12 noon, Hollywood
Assemble at Hollywood & Vine

Beat Back the Bush Attack!
U.S. Troops Out of Iraq!

No to War & Occupation!
From Iraq to Palestine, Iran, Haiti, Afghanistan, Cuba,
Syria, Venezuela, Korea, the Philippines & Everywhere!

Bring the Troops Home Now!

Stand Against Racism!
Defend civil rights! Stop attacks on immigrants!

Money for People�s Needs NOT Pentagon Greed!

Stop Budget Cuts - Save Social Security!
Stop the war against working people & the poor!

Endorse March 19 
Available transportation  
I can provide a ride   I need a ride

Initiated by antiwar organizations worldwide, including the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition in the United States.

Maybe if you weren't such a greed head

A note from H.L.

You may have noticed this new button at the top of the site. I started this site about 8 months ago, with the intention of making it the best Liberal, political blog on the web. Which I have continued to try to do, and will continue to do. However times are getting tight here in Hollywood. I have not held a steady job doing what I do in well over a year now. I have picked up a little freelance work here, and there. But the reality is that I am going broke. I need to find a full time job that will pay me enough to keep on living. In the meantime I am continuing work on the site. I am asking anyone who can afford it, to help out with a little donation to keep this thing going. I never intended to ask for money for this, but you know how it is. If I begin working full time I will not have nearly as much time to work on the site. (and trust me, in almost 8 months I have spent literally hundereds if not a thousand hours on this thing.) If I could make enough money to pay the bills with it. I could spend 12 hours a day, on it and make the Liberal, The most King-Hell site on the web. In the meantime I need a little help. No amount is too small, or too large. As an extra incentive, anyone who donates $25 or more will recieve a free H.L. T-shirt as well as a paragraph of shameless praise on the page. If you have something to sell I will also give it a mention. You can donate through Pay Pal, even if you are not a member, If you prefer to donate using other methods Contact Me. You can also purchase a H.L. T-shirt in the store, if you prefer. Thanks in advance for the help.

They will be Protesting in New York too:
Try not to get arrested with guys, like I did
New York City / March 19, 2005

Join us in nonviolent actions at military recruiting stations or organize concurrent actions in your neighborhood. We are planning nonviolent demonstrations at military recruitment centers in Times Square (Manhattan), downtown Brooklyn, and The Bronx. These actions will include a civil disobedience scenario and there will be also be clear non-arrestable scenarios. On Saturday, March 19th we will gather at three locations around the city for short rallies, and then solemnly process carrying coffins, signs and banners to the recruiting centers. Once there, some will commit civil disobedience, blocking the doors of centers to protect young people from the lies and threats to life emanating from the centers. Others risking arrest will die-in, graphically showing the realities of war hidden behind the slogans like "Army of One" or "Marines, The Few, The Proud." Those not risking arrest will leaflet, hold banners, and engage passersby in dialogue. We commit to these acts of resistance to mark the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Two years later, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, $200 billion has been wasted and the government intends to spend at least $80 billion more, as the death toll for U.S. troops and Iraqi citizens continues to climb.

We demand the troops be brought home NOW.
We demand reparations for the Iraqi people so they can rebuild their shattered country.
We will confront military recruiters with their lies in nonviolent direct actions and counsel youth considering the military on alternative paths to jobs and education.

For more info on NYC protests click Here

brothers in arms

Toronto Star

Colleagues under fire but U.S. media mute

Internet Week

Internet Becomes A Major Political News Source


GOP Marching off a cliff

Gotta go, see you tomorrow.

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