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        Saturday, September 10, 2005

       9/10/05 Video of Powell on 20/20

This ones from Crooks and Liars
Colin Powell (See Comic Below) Blames low level intelligence officials for his lies. Of course he will not put the blame on anyone important, or cop to the fact that he new they were lies beforehand. Then he says "I felt bad about it" and you can really see the sorrow in his face. He says it the way you might say you feel bad about losing a 5 dollar bet, not the lives of 2000 soldiers (his people), and 100,000 innocent civilians. What a souless bastard. Heres The Clip.

Powell: I Felt Bad About It

       9/10/05 Truth In Broadcasting

Bush speaks on TV, the Graphic says it all, worst disaster ever

       9/10/05 This Time I Mean It

Colin Powell enjoys some expensive champagne as he explains the situation in New Orleans

       9/10/05 Photo Op.

President Bush gets off a helicopter in Mississippi with Homeland security chief Chertoff, and some guys in camoflage

       9/10/05 Todays News Stories.

NY Times
In Storm's Ruins, a Rush to Rebuild and Reopen for Business

Excerpt: BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 9 - Private contractors, guided by two former directors of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other well-connected lobbyists and consultants, are rushing to cash in on the unprecedented sums to be spent on Hurricane Katrina relief and reconstruction.
From global engineering and construction firms like the Fluor Corporation and Halliburton to local trash removal and road-building concerns, the private sector is poised to reap a windfall of business in the largest domestic rebuilding effort ever undertaken.
Normal federal contracting rules are largely suspended in the rush to help people displaced by the storm and reopen New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Hundreds of millions of dollars in no-bid contracts have already been let and billions more are to flow to the private sector in the weeks and months to come. Congress has already appropriated more than $62 billion for an effort that is projected to cost well over $100 billion.

H.L.s Take: Halliburton? No bid contracts? hmmm, no where have I heard those words before? Oh yeah, in that other Monumental failure and national embarassment, The Iraq War. Wow, isn't it a coincidence that both are being run by the same people?
Its almost as if they were ready for this, opportunity to cash in once again for mega billions. is that another reason that Bush didn't want to spend any more money on the levees?Maybe thats what FEMAs real job is. To clear the people out so big business can come in and start "cleaning up" as soon as the disaster hits.

World Socialist Website
New Orleans: the specter of military dictatorship

Excerpt: “When you get 15 M16s pointed at you and they line you up against the wall, it’s kind of scary,” one New Orleans resident told the Washington Post, explaining why she was leaving.
In other cases, however, the official assertions are belied by televised images of cops and troops kicking in the doors of homes and dragging people away in plastic cuffs. The New Orleans Police Department acknowledged Friday that it had arrested 200 people that day.
With an estimated 10,000 residents still in the city, far worse is yet to come.

H.L.s Take: Isn't that nice, Forcibly taken out of your own house in cuffs. This is a scene that will be playing out with much more frequency as Americas infrastructure crumbles due to neglect because all the money that we pay our taxes for is going go Iraq, and Halliburton, and no bid contracts, and into the pockets of Bush, and all his political cronies. When the next big disaster hits, whether it is natural, or "Terroist", FEMA will come in to get the people out so Halliburton can get a big contract to rebuild.

Toledo Blade
University of Texas Peace Display Vandalized

Excerpt: About 30 coalition members and other organizers of the “Arlington Midwest” and “Bring Them Home Now” bus tour — held last night and today at the university — erected the 2,000-piece display Wednesday in grassy areas near University Hall and Memorial Field House.
The display honors the soldiers and reminds the public of the cost of war, said Mike Ferner, an anti-war activist, Veterans for Peace member, and former Toledo Councilman.

H.L.s Take: The thing that the uninformed Pro war people don't understant is that the more they try to knock down the Peace Movement, the stronger it will become. There is no other alternative.

What Kind of Extremist Will You Be? by Cindy Sheehan

Excerpt: Most everyone who is reading this knows what happened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 04, 1968. Some of you may even know what happened to my son, Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan on April 04, 2004. If you don't know, Dr King and Casey were murdered by the same malevolent entities: People and ideologies that say that we have to be mortally afraid of the "ism" du jour and we, as Americans who have the "moral high-ground" in the world can send our innocent children to invade innocent countries and kill innocent people to fight the "ists" that go with the "isms." In Vietnam we were fighting the evil Communists and in Iraq we are fighting the evil terrorists. Our war against Communism out-stayed its welcome in the 1980's and the military industrial war complex was running out of excuses to build bombs, tanks, bullets, ships, submarines, and soldiers; so in 2001, our leaders who serve the war machine had to switch our enemy of the state to terrorism.

ABC News
Colin Powell Admits He Whored Out For Bush

Excerpt: Powell doesn't think race was a factor in the slow delivery of relief to the hurricane victims as some have suggested. "I don't think it's racism, I think it's economic," he told Walters.

H.L.s Take: Looks like he's still whoring. If it wasn't for Powell, We might not know who Cindy Sheehan is because her son would not have died in the war that Powell lied to America about, and then there would be no story about clueless yahoos in Texas vandalizing Mounuments To Bush's War dead.

Houston Chronicle
Feds approve plan to store nuclear waste on reservation

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - The federal government on Friday approved a $3.1 billion plan by a private corporation to store tens of thousands of tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste on an American Indian reservation in Utah.

H.L.s Take: Just one more way that they are all the most vile disgusting people on the face of the earth. I'm sure the indians had a lot to say about that one.

Its Not Easy Being King

Excerpt:Unlike most of us, the Bush's do not have to buy food from grocery stores. They do not have to stand in long lines at checkout counters like us. They have servants who do life's mundane chores for them. They are better than us and have to live by other creeds than we do. Why should a ruler have to be subjected to such banal affairs?

Progressive Convergence
Hollywood Shakes Up Big Government, and Pharma: The Constant Garderner

Guantanamo hunger strikers being fed by tube

Excerpt: “People are desperate. They have been there three years. They were promised that the Geneva Conventions would be respected and various changes would happen and, unfortunately, the (U.S.) government reneged on that,” Stafford-Smith said.
“Sadly, it is very hard to see how a very obstinate military and a very desperate group of prisoners are ever going to come to an agreement.”

The Boston Globe
The unvarnished truth about Rehnquist

Excerpt: PRESIDENT BUSH said William Rehnquist should be remembered for ''improving the delivery of justice for the American people." To Rehnquist, justice meant just us white men, preferably connected, preferably straight and preferably with all limbs functioning. This was a chief justice of the Supreme Court who dissented in last year's 5-4 ruling in favor of a paraplegic who sued the state of Tennessee for courtroom access. The man dragged himself up 24 stairs for a traffic violation hearing because the court had no elevator. When he did not show up for a second appearance, saying he was humiliated by crawling up the stairs, he was arrested.
Rehnquist was not impressed by the man's plight.