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June 25, 2005
Democrats Roll Over For Rove Again
Howard Dean, trys to fight for democrats but isn't getting much help

John Kerry, all time sellout explains why he lost the 2004 election

Joe Biden, wants to run for president in 2008 the same way Kerry and Gore did

Karl Rove and the republicans dont care what you democrats think

Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois apologizes again, what a crybaby

The Supreme Court Strikes Again
The Supreme Court ruled private business can have your propery seized

Your land can be siezed if it brings in tax revenue the supreme court has decided. guys like Stephen Breyer, and Anthony M. Kennedy

You can now lose your home so private devolpers can build a strip mall, and get rich thats what the supreme court justices say David Souter was there

The Supreme court ruled 5-4 that business can take your home and you cant do squat remember John Paul Stevens, and Ruth Bader Ginsburgh

The Supreme court strikes again, Bush loves these guys you know Sandra Day O'connor, and Clarence Thomas

They laugh at the little people, the supreme court justices, Scalia, Reinquest, and the rest

Not so funny now is it?

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