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        Wednesday, January 11, 2006

       1/11/06 Bush Thinks Alito is ahhhhh... ummmmm..

Bush and Samuel Alito hold a Press conference prior to the Senate Hearings. /

Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito with President Bush

George W. Bush, and Samuel Alito speak with reporters at the white house

Bush thinks alito has the temperment for the job.

Bush says Alito will interpret the law, not make it.

Bush and Samuel Alito /

Bush takes a walk in the bushes. /

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       Bush Loves Alito Video, Abrahamoff Loves Delay Video

Crooks And Liars

Here are a couple of new videos from Crooks and Liars, in the first one. Jack Abramoff, takes the stage to gush over Tom Delay, and in the second one Bush cant even string two sentences together as he talks about how super Samuel Alito is and what a great Flunky he would make on The Supreme Court. Here you go.

Jack Abramoff Loves Tom Delay

Jack Abramoff tells everyone how great a guy that Tom Delay is. This was in 2002 when they were both usuing slave labor in Saipan, and fighting to keep a minimum wage out, what great guys.

George Bush thinks errr, ah, errr, That Alito is Qualified for The Supreme Court.

       1/11/06 All The News


Bankruptcy Filings Hit Record 2M in 2005

Significant increases in consumer bankruptcy filings occurred in every region, according to the data released Wednesday by Lundquist Consulting Inc., a financial research firm based in Burlingame, Calif. It tallied 2,043,535 new filings last year, up 31.6 percent from 1,552,967 in 2004 — meaning that one in every 53 households filed bankruptcy petitions, according to the company.

H.L.s take
Of course Bankruptcies are going up. People are working longer hours to make less money with no health care. The Republicans are forcing the middle class into serfdom.

Bush Says Iraq Criticism Aides Adversaries

Tuesday's equally sharp message represented an attempt by the president to neutralize Democrats' ability to use Iraq — where violence is surging in the wake of December parliamentary elections and messy negotiations to form a new coalition government — as an election-year cudgel against Republicans.

H.L.s take
Oh yeah why should we use the Iraq war as cudgel against Republican, hmmm now why would we do that? Oh Yeah because they are the ones responsible for it. Bush doesn't want us criticizing the war in Iraq, the same way a 2 year old doesn't want to be criticized for smearing shit all over the walls.

Poll: Americans Want Warrants for Spying

Over the past three weeks, President Bush and top aides have defended the electronic monitoring program they secretly launched shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, as a vital tool to protect the nation from al-Qaida and its affiliates.
Yet 56 percent of respondents in an AP-Ipsos poll said the government should be required to first get a court warrant to eavesdrop on the overseas calls and e-mails of U.S. citizens when those communications are believed to be tied to terrorism.

H.L.s take
Like Bush already said a long time ago. "Things would be a lot easier if I were a Dictator," and he won't stop until he is. Who will stop him?

Analysis: Alito Treads a Delicate Path

His day's mission — hour after hour — seemed to be to say nothing particularly attention-grabbing, out of character, or reflecting anger or lack of preparation.
When he defended his writings and opinions of the past, including divisive ones on abortion, presidential powers and strip searches, he sought to provide context — and to signal flexibility.
He dryly recited case law and details.

H.L.s take
I tried to watch a few minutes of The Alito hearings on TV yesterday, but I could not do it. After listening to him speak for just a minute or two, my eyes were glazing over. The is trying to bore The Senate to sleep, and doing a damn fine job of it. Next to Alito, wathcing paint dry seems as exciting as skydiving.

The Randy Rhoades Show
Bush Pullled Special Prosecutor in 2002 Abrahmoff Case

In Guam, a US territory in the Pacific, investigators were looking into Abramoff's secret arrangement with Superior Court officials to lobby against a court reform bill then pending in Congress. The legislation, since approved, gave the Guam Supreme Court authority over the Superior Court.
In 2002, Abramoff was retained by the Superior Court in what was an unusual arrangement for a public agency. The Los Angeles Times reported in May that Abramoff was paid with a series of $9,000 checks funneled through a Laguna Beach, Calif., lawyer to disguise the lobbyist's role working for the Guam court. No separate contract was authorized for Abramoff's work.

H.L.s take
Bush just said yesterday that he only met Abrahamoff a couple of times and did not really know him. And we all know how truthful, and honest old Jr. is, right?

Clinton Surprises Troops Back From Iraq

"Thank you for your service," Clinton said as he shook hands and hugged many of the soldiers. He autographed hats, cards and other items.
The soldiers, about 600 of them, were returning to bases in Oklahoma, Texas and Georgia. Their two chartered aircraft had landed for fuel.
"This is great," Staff Sgt. Anthony Thompson of New York City told the Bangor Daily News.

H.L.s take
I wonder if any of those guys were saying "Gee I wish Clinton was still President" If not they are all a bunch of idiots, just like anyone who is a fan of Bush and The Republicans. Under Clinton they were not dying for a lie.

The Huffington Post

George Bush Uses the Word "Irresponsible"...

...but clearly doesn't understand what the word means. In a recent speech, he termed irresponsible the "partisan critics who claim that we acted in Iraq because of oil or because of Israel or because we misled the American people," as well as "defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right."
On the other hand, many people might see political intimidation of and groupthink impressed upon the US. intelligence apparatus in order to justify a unjustifiable invasion and occupation as irresponsible.

St. Louis Today
SURVEILLANCE: You, too, might be a terrorist

I'm a terrorist! Well, not really, but the government thinks that I may be. That's the only reason I can come up with for why they have me on a "terrorist watch list."
I suspected something wasn't right soon after 9/11 when the airlines started singling me out for special searches every time I flew. I've now been searched, patted down and had my shoes examined virtually every single time that I have flown.

H.L.s take
There are now 2 classes of people in America: High ranking members of the Neocon, republican Goverment and there ultra Rich supporters, If you are not one of those, you are a terrorist, and need to be monitored by the NSA.


New York -- Today and tomorrow every 8-year-old in the state of New York will take a test. It's part of George Bush's No Child Left Behind program. The losers will be left behind to repeat the third grade. Try it yourself. This is from the state's actual practice test. Ready, class?

Raw Story
National Security Agency mounted massive spy op on Baltimore peace group, documents show

The National Security Agency has been spying on a Baltimore anti-war group, according to documents released during litigation, going so far as to document the inflating of protesters' balloons, and intended to deploy units trained to detect weapons of mass destruction, RAW STORY has learned.
According to the documents, the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, a Quaker-linked peace group, has been monitored by the NSA working with the Baltimore Intelligence Unit of the Baltimore City Police Department.

H.L.s take


Russell Tice (right), a 20-year veteran with the NSA turned whistleblower, told ABC: "I specialized in what's called special access programs," Tice said of his job. "We called them 'black world' programs and operations." But now, Tice told ABC News that some of those secret "black world" operations run by the NSA were conducted in ways that he believes violated the law. He said he is prepared to tell Congress all he knows about the alleged wrongdoing in these programs run by the Defense Department snd the National Security Agency in the post-9/11 efforts to go after terrorists

Rolling Stone

Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove

Did you know that Jack Abramoff and Karl Rove shared an executive assistant?
In 2001, Karl Rove needed a Gal Friday, someone to help oversee the "strategic planning, political affairs, public liaison, and intergovernmental affairs efforts of the White House."

Dissident Voice
Revenge of the Mutt People by Joe Bageant

“There are some things so disgusting that only a white man would be willing to do them.”
--Walter Wildshoe, Coeur d'Alene Indian

H.L.s take