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January 4, 2005.

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Powell: Tsunami Aid May Help U.S. Image

By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer
Yes I really think your that stupid JAKARTA, Indonesia - Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday the outpouring of American aid and humanitarian help in the region devastated by the tsunami may also help Muslim nations see the United States in a better light.
H.L.s Take: Powell the world class liar, and whore, said this becuase he still believes that People are so stupid that they wouldn't be able to see through this publicity charade that they only thought up after the whole world shamed them into giving more then the paltry $15 Million they initially promised.
"What it does in the Muslim world, the rest of the world is giving an opportunity to see American generosity, American values in action," Powell said after meeting with Hassan Wirayuda, his Indonesian counterpart.
He then added. "They may be a little miffed at us for stealing all that oil, and killing over 100,000, but now that we are giving them money they will love us." Powell said this not realizing that not everyone is as big a money grubbing ass puppet, as he is.
"America is not an anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim nation. America is a diverse society. We respect all religions," he said
And they sent me out to spew these vile lies because I don't care who knows what a lying scumbag I am as long as I get paid. So blow it out your ass.
Powell said he hopes Muslim countries see the wide range of U.S. aid and involvement around the world, of which the disaster relief is only the latest example. U.S. involvement and cooperation "is in the best interest of those countries and it's in our best interest," he said.
Its in out best interest becuase this Tsunami is the best thing that could have happened to us, to get Iraq out of the news, and we are going to milk this puppy for all its worth. After all we are only spending $350 Million, compared with the Billions we spend in Iraq, so you can expect to see my mug up here in the headlines for quite some time to come.
"It dries up those pools of dissatisfaction that give rise to terrorist activities," Powell added.
Yeah Yeah I know, There are over 200,000 insurgents in Iraq, more then the soldiers we have over there, and they are killing people every day because they are so pissed off at us; but now that we are showing how generous we are they will stop all that and America, and Master George, will be loved again, and history will show what a great leader he was.

So far it's not working

Governor of Baghdad Region Assassinated: 5 US Soldiers Killed
By BASSEM MROUE, Associated Press Writer
An Iraqi security officer stands guard near the damaged vehicle of an Iraqi official BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents assassinated the highest-ranking Iraqi official in eight months Tuesday, gunning down the governor of Baghdad province and six of his bodyguards, and a suicide truck bomber killed 10 people at an Interior Ministry commando headquarters, the latest in a string of violence ahead of Jan. 30 elections.
Five American troops were slain in three separate attacks, officials said, in the deadliest day for the U.S. military in Iraq since a suicide bombing at a mess tent in Mosul on Dec. 21 killed 22 people, including 14 U.S. soldiers and three American contractors.
The militant group of Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaida in Iraq, claimed responsibility for killing Gov. Ali al-Haidari and his bodyguards, according to a statement posted on a Web site known for carrying such claims.
"We tell every traitor and supporter of the Jews and Christians that this is your fate," the statement said. Its authenticity could not immediately be verified. Iraq's insurgents repeatedly have targeted government officials and security forces, saying they are allies of the U.S.-led coalition.

The new congress meets


Newly-elected U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill), (L), and newly-elected U.S. Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO), (R), talk before President George W. Bush (news - web sites) hosted a greeting ceremony for all new members elected to Congress, in the East Room of the White House, January 3, 2005. The new members will be sworn-in tomorrow in the U.S. Capitol. REUTERS/Larry Downing




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ReDefeatBush to Hold 'Rally for the Republic' in San Francisco Tonight to Mobilize Public Support for Challenge of Presidential Electors

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Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief

.pdf version Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief

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Will John Kerry Report for Duty?


Interview with Howard Dean: Facing the pain.

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Ok we outta here talk to you later. H.L.

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