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        Monday, January 30, 2006

       Keep Telling Them I'm God.

President Bush is going to allocate 23% of The AIDS budget to Churches, and faith based charities. Now why would he do that?

       Body Armor Saved Woodruff, Troops Not So Lucky.

By H.L.

ABC News Anchorman Bob Woodruff, who was blown up, along with cameraman Doug Vogt, while embedded in Iraq, was saved by the body armor he was wearing according to ABC’s news president. Woodruff is in serious condition, with possible brain damage, but he would have been killed if not for the armor. Doctors have stated that they do not know if Shrapnel had penetrated Woodruff’s brain, but they were still removing shrapnel from his neck. The Doctors also had to cut a hole into Woodruff’s skull cap in an attempt to relieve some of the swelling. Vogt who was also wearing body armor is in much better condition.
Woodruff, and Vogt, were on patrol in an Iraqi vehicle, no doubt so they could come home and show the footage on the news and tell people “Look, things are going so well over there, because President Bush is doing such a great job in the war on terror. The Iraqis are now able to take care of their own affairs and isn’t it just great that we went in there and killed all those people because look we were there, and everything is just super.” Of Course ABC News, as well as the entire mainstream media will do anything to prop up Bush, and make him look like some kind of genius, even get blown up in Iraq, now that is commitment. Woodruff probably figured he was set for life after this, he could tell everyone he was a combat veteran of The MSM. I wonder if anyone at the corporate news facilities today is saying to themselves. "Ooops, maybe things are not so great over there after all. We are no closer to winning the war now, then we were 3 years ago when we went in there against the wishes of all the top military commanders because Bush, and Rumsfeld are much smarter then some bunch of Generals.”
Lucky for Woodruff, and Vogt, that they work for a Multi-billion dollar corporation that can afford to buy them the best body armor for when they go over to play soldier in Iraq. To bad our soldiers who have to be there every day, through tour after tour because no one is dumb enough to sign up to take over for them anymore, do not have the same luxury. The New York Times reported in a January 6, 2006 story that 80% off all soldiers that died of upper body wounds would have been saved if they had the correct body armor, which has been available since 2003, but the Pentagon has refused to supply it despite pleas from the troops. The Times reported that the ceramic plates in the armor the troops are issued only covered part of the chest and back of soldiers, but did not cover the sides and torso, which the best available armor does, at least 340 American solders have been killed from torso wounds alone. The study went on to say that according to Army procurement officials “The Army is still deciding what to purchase.”
Still deciding what to purchase???, after almost 3 years and over 2200 deaths they are still deciding what to purchase. I hope they figure it out soon. I’m glad to see that our government is so concerned with the health and well being of the solders it forces back to Iraq again, and again. Donald Rumsfeld said it best himself: “You go to war with the Army you have, not with the Army you wish you had.” Well right about now The Army wishes it had better armor, it also probably wishes that it hadn’t been sent over there to die for the lies, so Exxon-Mobil which just recorded an all time record profit could make even more Billions thanks to oil man Bush and all his greasy oily cronies.

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       AP Slants The News.

Here is an interesting way to show how AP slants the news in favor of Bush. This morning I went online and found this story.

Savings Rate at Lowest Level Since 1933

The story noted that Americans spent had spent all of the money they made last year, and had to dip into thier savings accounts to help pay for thier purchases. This is only the third year this has ever happened, the other 2 years being 1932, and 1933, when we were in the midst of the Great Depression. The report prepared by the commerce department noted that consumer spending in December was up by 0.9 percent.
which was more then double the previous 2 months. The AP story went on to say that people felt OK with spending more then they make becuase of the housing boom which now appears to be over. So in other words the only thing stopping us from sliding into another depression is the fact that housing prices have risen so much that people could use some of the profit on buying things like record level priced oil, and food. One could then conclude that now that the housing boom is over, look out below.

Someone at the Whitehouse must have read the story and made a phone call, because a little later the story AP was putting up on the front page's headline was a little different.

Consumer spending surprisingly strong

In the new story, gone was all mention of negative savings rates, parralleling the great depression. Nothing was noted about how we are now at 1933 levels of savings,
with another depression possibly right around the corner. Instead the tone of the story was that higher consumer spending was a good thing, and that the 0.9 rise was something to cheer about. Heres a quote: ""The consumer is still alive and well despite softening of the housing market," said David Powell, an analyst at IDEA global in New York."
It just goes to show that its not what they say, its how they say it. Thanks AP, that second story makes me feel much better.

       At Least 1 Republican To Vote Against Alito But He’s in Thanks To Democrats.

By H.L.
As we get ready for the final vote on Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court, AP is reporting that Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island will vote against confirmation on Alito. This is significant in that even though there are still not enough votes to filibuster Alito, thanks to some of our weak Democratic Senators, it marks the first time that a Republican has announced that he will go against Bush on something this big. Up until now The Republicans were marching in lockstep with Bush’s wishes on Alito, up to this point it was assumed in the media that all 55 GOP Senators would go along with Bush and confirm Alito.
Now if Chaffee, could get about 6 or 7 other Republican Senators who actually care about The U.S. Constitution, and not pure politics, and greed, we might be somewhere in getting Alito’s nomination blocked.
Thanks to Democratic Senators like Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who have already said that they will vote for Alito there is virtually no chance that there would be enough votes to stop Alito from becoming Sandra Day O’Connor’s replacement on the high court.
John Kerry has spent the weekend calling other Democrats in an effort to get enough votes to lead a filibuster against Alito, but other Senators in Kerry’s party have indicated that they will not support a filibuster, even though they plan to vote no on Alito. AP is also reporting that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has indicated that he will go along with the attempted filibuster by voting no to end debate, switching from his previous stance of voting no on confirmation, but refusing to support the filibuster. 41 votes are needed in the Senate to end debate and send the nominee to a vote. With 44 Democratic Senators, plus independent Jim Jeffords of Vermont who plans to vote against Alito, there is a margin of 4 Senators who could go against the filibuster and still leave enough votes available to send the nomination into exile. Chafee has indicated that although he will vote no on Alito, he will not support a filibuster.
With no votes expected from Byrd, Tim Nelson, of South Dakota, and now Kent Conrad of North Dakota, who said he is “leaning in favor of voting for (Alito's confirmation)” the filibuster is dead in the water, and Alito has the votes needed for confirmation.
Once again the Democrats have proven that their only allegiance is to Bush, and the status quo, if they could have all stuck together like the Republicans always do. Alito would be out, but with Democrats sticking by the sides of their corporate masters, the people, whom the Dems are supposed to represent are out in the cold once again. Alito will go along with the corpo-facsists on every vote just like he always had, and things will only get worse for middle class and poor people in America. Let’s once again thank the Democrats. The best friends Republicans ever had