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May 24, 2005.
Heres video of Bill Frist whining about the deal, This is the first time in 4 and a half years that Bush didn't get everything he wanted. Frist will swing for that.
Keith Olbermann

Boo-Hoo Bill Whines on TV

Some people think it was a good deal for us, others say its a horrible deal, anyway here it is

The Deal

Memorandum of Understanding of Judicial Nominations.

I don't understand this word..Compromise

Oh so thats what it means

Now he's pissed

Get ready for 3 of the worst judges ever. Although Frist claimed one of them would not be confirmed.


GOP Urges Quick Judicial Confirmations

Excerpt: If the agreement is carried out in good faith, he said, "I believe it will make filibusters in the future, including Supreme Court nominees, almost impossible."

H.L.s Take:The democrats have agreed to filibuster judges only under extraordinary circumstances. So its going to come down to the definition of extraordinary. I would say any Supreme Court opening would be an extraordinary circumstance since it happens so infrequently. To Republicans an Extraordinary circumstance would be if Bush nominated Godzilla to a judgeship.
Meanwhile its business as usual in Iraq, NY Times

Eight U.S. Soldiers Killed Over Two Days in Iraq

Excerpt: BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 24 - Eight American soldiers were killed in attacks by insurgents over the past the two days, the military said today, as a renewed wave of violence continued.

H.L.s Take:1644 of our soldiers dead for a lie. This should be the lead story on every news show, every day.

Canadian Soldiers Killed by U.S. Honored

Excerpt: The Canadians Cpl. Ainsworthy Dyer, Pvt. Richard Green, Sgt. Marc Leger and Pvt. Nathan Smith were fighting alongside American forces outside Kandahar in April 2002 when an Illinois National Guard pilot mistook their live-ammunition exercises as a hostile attack and dropped a 500-pound bomb. "When soldiers fight beside other soldiers, it doesn't matter what nationality, it doesn't matter what race. Soldiers are soldiers. And as soon as they step onto that battlefield, they become family," said Col. Michael Steele, commander of 101st's 3rd Brigade at Fort Campbell.

H.L.s Take:So your government decideds who's your brother and who's not. And the guy who's your brother today, may not be tomorrow, then you will have to kill him. Makes sense.

Full Video Of Chairman Dean On 'Meet The Press'

H.L.s Take:I didn't watch all of this but, in what I saw Dean was fighting, he called them liars, and trashed Delay. Too bad he's for the war now. otherwise I would really like this guy.

Consortium News

For Bush, Iraq Lies Are Fundamental

Excerpt: More than two years and 1,600 dead U.S. soldiers later, George W. Bush�s defenders concede Iraq may not have had weapons of mass destruction, but the defenders still get their backs up when someone accuses Bush of lying. H.L.s Take:They don't like being called liars? How about Murderers? Sorry to hear that, but thats what they are LIARS, (and murderers)

Bill Frist takes the heat for the filibuster compromise     Condi's the new Ed McMahon
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