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Hot Pics & Gossip.

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        Thursday, August 18, 2005

       08/18/05 Comic: Bush League.

Bush hangs out with a little league team

President Bush reminds of his mission accomplished

Bush talks to some kids before their little league game

We Got another Comic for you, but first: The News.

       8/18/05 And Now The News.

Vigils Calling for End to Iraq War Begin Across U.S.

Heres some pics from the Vigils

He Did Not Die For Your Freedom

What Really Happened
Fire Dept Tape Invalidates Key Points Official 911 Story

Guardian U.K.
British Families bid for Iraq war inquiry

Progressive News Wire
Oil Companies' Profiteering to Blame for Gas Price Spike, Says FTCR

Toledo Blade
Ohio Republican Governor Taft faces 4 charges; court appearance scheduled for today

Stand With Cindy

       8/18/05 Comic: Spokesmonkey