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August 8, 2005
bush would like to thank the state that got him here, Ohio

With a stolen election, and 20 Dead Marines, Bush has a lot to thank Ohio for

NY Times.

Rove Leaked to Novak in '92

H.L's Take:Looks like this isn't the first time that Rove, and Novak have gotten together to commit treason,

Bush caused this soldier to lose his arm, and still he smirks

LA Times.

White House Refuses to Turn Over Roberts Papers.

H.L's Take:So now the Democrats will apoligize to Bush, and Roberts for the trouble, and confirm Roberts by a landslide

President Bush talks about how he feels about the U.N. as Bolton look on


San Diego Real Estate Cools, Is Hollywood Next?.

UK News Telegraph.

London Police Arrest 5 For Protesting Near Parliament.

H.L's Take:Tony Blair and Parliament can't take the heat from the people who are calling them on Iraq, they have now passed a law that says no protesting near Parliament. What Cowards.


Straight Shooting George Galloway.


CIA: We Let Bin Laden Escape.

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Political Comics Slideshows
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