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        Wednesday, February 15, 2006

       Cheney Prays For Hunt Victim

News Item:Cheney Prays For Hunt Victim

Dick Cheney prays for hunting victim that he shot

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       New Abu Gharib Prisoner Abuse Photos

New Abu Gharib torture photos have been released. These are the pictures that were not originally shown on U.S. Television because they were being withheld, because they are far more graphic then the pictures that were originally shown here. These new photos were shown on SBS Television in Australia, but will not be shown by the media here in America, because the U.S. Mainstream media are all a bunch of Bush licking toadies who will never go against the Godly dear leader, no matter how bad things get in this country. The Corporate Broadcast media such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and FOX, all enjoy the Millions of extra dollars a year they make in Bush tax cuts, too much to do something so trivial as their jobs, which is reporting the truth to The American People. Here at The H.L. we report the truth, and here is some truth for you if you can handle it. I put these pictures on a separate page in case you can't.

New Abu Gharib Photos

Now the only Abu Gharib guard pictured in these photos is the infamous Charles Grainer who is currently serving a 10 year sentence for the atrocities he committed, and rightly so. The U.S. claimed that Abu Gharib was a isolated incident with Grainer as the ringleader which I partially believe due to my interview with Nick Yarris, who was a Death Row inmate for 26 years before he was exonerated by DNA evidence. Yarris was imprisoned in Pennsylvania, and one of his prison guards was none other then Charles Grainer. Yarris told me in the interview that Grainer was just as sick, and disgusting in Pennsylvania as he was in Iraq. Grainer apparently could not go far enough on prisoners in Pa. so he volunteered to Iraq where he could carry out his sadistic deeds, he thought, without oversight. Of course his superiors (all the way up to Rumsfeld and Bush) should have known what was going on, and should be punished for allowing this to happen. The only punishment to superiors that has been meted out has been to female officers in the chain of command. How typical of the Bush administration. You know that women officers would never allow this to happen but they are the ones who get punished.

Here is my audio interview with Nick Yarris.
H.L. Interviews Nick Yarris

       Bumper Sticker of The Day.

Here is the Bumper Sticker of The Day from Progressive Revolt.


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       Daily Show Account Of Cheney Shooting /McClellan's Press Confrence

Did you see the Daily show, and John Sterwarts accounting of Dick Cheney shooting a 78 year old man in the face. They were hunting out of their cars, shooting wingless, pen raised quail, what a bunch of manly men they are huh? Here is the video clip.
This is from Crooks and Liars.
Daily Show: Cheney Shoots 78 Year Old Man In The Face.

Here is another Video from Crooks and Liars of Scott McClellan getting "Peppered" by the media at the press confrence where he announced the shooting to the white house press corps. Mc Clellan as usual is his evasive weasle self. The man is the biggest professional liar in the world. Check out the Press Confrenece.

Scott McClellan Lies To The Press Again

Of course H.L. has long ago shown you the typical McClellan Press Confrence, but here is a Flashback for those who haven't seen it.

Scott McClellan Holds A Press Confrence