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        Tuesday, November 08, 2005

       11/08/05 Todays News Stories.

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Today's Voting Could Be Test for GOP

In other contests Tuesday, the cities of New York, Detroit, Houston, Boston, San Diego and Atlanta had mayoral races. Seven states considered ballot issues, including four proposals backed by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that were trailing in the polls.

Schwarzenegger's initiatives would cap state spending and give him more power to cut budgets, rein in public employee unions, and take away legislators' power to redistrict.

H.L.s Take: I'm heading out to vote in a few minutes. If you live in California. please vote against all Arnolds Bills. There are 6 measures on the ballot. The first 4 are sponsored by Arnold, because he could not get the leglisature to go along with him, so he decides he will just hold a special election, and the people will go along with him because hes Annnold. the last 2 ballot measures are not sponsored by Arnold, and are worth voting yes. Sorry I don't have more info. but the election kind of sneaked up on me.

Raw Story
Frist and Hastert Want to Know Who "Leaked" The fact that we Torture, So they can Torture them

The leaking of classified information by employees of the United States government appears to have increased in recent years, establishing a dangerous trend that, if not addressed swiftly and firmly, likely will worsen. The unauthorized release of classified information is serious and threatens our nation's security. It also puts the lives of many Americans and the security of our nation at risk.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


William H. Frist, M.D.

Majority Leader

U.S. Senate

J. Dennis Hastert
U.S. House of Representatives

H.L.s Take: Are they F**king Serious??? This Frist is really a piece of work. He might just as well come out and say. We are allowed to openly break any law we want and shove it right in your face. But we will scream like little babies when someone exposes us for all our lies, crimes, and affronts to God and man. I thought I had heard it all from "Kills Cats for Fun" Frist, but I probably will be amazed by him again soon. What an asshole.

The Hill
Senate Staffer working to Prosecute Abramhoff Attacked in Front of Home.

The assailant was trying to hide his identity, wearing a hood and black gloves. He also did not make any demands before attacking the 49-year-old staffer. A working assumption among investigators is that he was waiting for her to arrive home.
Sources say acts of violence in DiSanto’s neighborhood are rare.

H.L.s Take: Looks like Tom Delay sent a little warning over to the house of this staffer, to make her have the fear of God about prosecuting his buddy Abramhoff, thats the way the Mafia, which Delay is a made member of does business. They better be careful or someone overthere might be getting a dead fish wrapped in newspaper, in the mail next.

Capitol Hill Blue
White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'

“How is that you think Karl (Rove) and Scooter (Libby) were able to disseminate so much information on Joe Wilson and his wife,” says one White House aide. “They didn’t have that information by accident. They had it because they have files on those who might hurt them.”
White House insiders tell a disturbing tales of invasion of privacy, abuse of government power and use of expanded authority under the USA Patriot Act to dig into the personal lives of anyone the administration deems an enemy of the state.

H.L.s Take: And that enemies list is growing everyday. I wonder if any of us are on it. It will be Bush's enemies that will eventually get together and realize that they can find a way to bring him down. and so they shall.

White House Staff Begins Ethics Classes

In the coming weeks, some 3,000 employees in agencies under the Executive Office of the President will attend the hour-long sessions conducted by the White House counsel's office. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the classes were refresher courses and that the first attendees were staffers with security clearances.

H.L.s Take: Yeah, and I'm sure you are going to see Rove, Cheney, Frist, and Tom Delay in the front row. No, only the anonomous staffers who see the destruction that Bush and his cronies are doing to America, they are the ones who will take the classes so that Bush can say "see we care about ethics" I bet the classes are really about not talking to the press, and keeping your mouth shut, thats how they will try to stop the ethical lapses. If you see ethics being violated, don't go to the press, report the problem to the ethics czar of the White House, Karl Rove.

       11/07/05 What? Me Torture?

President Bush: We Do Not Torture

President Bush: U.S.does not torture

President Bush does not want congress to pass anti torture leglislation

President Bush: America does not torture

President Bush: torture, no way

President Bush: We Do Not Torture in america

       11/07/05 Duchess of ?

President Bush meets with Prince Charles

President Bush meets with Prince Charles who recenly married camilla Parker Boweles

President Bush meets with Prince Charles who is now married to the duchess of cornwall