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April 30, 2005.
                      George W. Bush tells in an interview whats on his mind.

Bush Starts 2nd Term With Rocky 100 Days

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - One hundred days into his second term, President Bush has lost much of the political muscle he boasted about after winning re-election. Gas prices are rising, his approval ratings are sagging and Americans are unhappy with his handling of the economy and Iraq. Now he's trying to sell a Social Security plan that would cut future benefits for all but low-income retirees giving opponents fresh ammunition. Even before Bush unveiled his new proposal and despite a 60-day sales campaign a majority of Americans thought he had mishandled Social Security, too.

H.L.s Take: The man is a complete bumbling Idiot, he knows it, and we know it, But the global conspiracy between Congress, and the press continues so Bush continues to drag the country, and the world down the toilet. They get all the money, we get all the bills, and eventually they will come to us and want us to to pay those bills, and when we can't, what will it be. Debtors Prison, or perhaps mass extermination???

Graph showing George W. Bush's sinking ratings since 9/11

Blair, Rival Moving Debate From Iraq

Excerpt: Blair has been buffeted by questions about the legality of the Iraq war, and claims by the opposition Conservatives that he lied about the advice he received from his top legal adviser. On Friday he tried to refocus on domestic issues. "What's happening within our health service and in things like primary schools the literacy and numeracy strategy these things are delivering real results, the public services are improving," Blair said. Conservative leader Michael Howard, who has led the attack on Blair's character and integrity, also suggested it was time to move on.

H.L.s Take: Time to move on???, Where have I heard that expression before? Sounds like this Michael Howard guy has hired John Kerry for his campaign mananger. He has been successful at hammering Blair about Iraq, so what does he do. Decides its time to move on and talk about something else. I saw a poll that says Blair is winning despite the widespread feeling of Britons that the war is bullshit. Like I said a few days ago. The fix is in.

Army Times

Pentagon releases disputed photos, but conceals faces

                                        Picture of faces have been blacked out

Friends of Liberty

"Franklin Cover Up" author John DeCamp to sue Barbara Hartwell for Libel


Americans Cleared in Italy Agent's Death

Excerpt: Premier Silvio Berlusconi, a staunch U.S. ally, said he intends to speak to President Bush about Calipari's death, the ANSA news agency reported Saturday. He also said "the reasons for our friendship are unquestionable" and the presence of coalition troops in Iraq remained "fundamental to further spread democracy in the world." H.L.s Take: So in other words Silvio, you have to pretend that you give a F**K, that Calipari is dead, as a show for your people but really its all good. Its all in the name of global domination by you and your Bush Mafia pals, right Silvio??
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L.A. Business Journal

Unocal Net Income Soars 69 Percent on Oil Prices

H.L.s Take: I was reading today that every major oil company is having record profits. The fact that oil men run the country has nothing to do with it though? We cant blame Bush for this, he is doing everything he can. He said so the other day.
Gotta go, talk to you soon. H.L.

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