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        Saturday, August 27, 2005

       8/27/05 Full Metal Bush

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       8/27/05 News Stories

NY Times
Bike Deep In The Big Muddy
H.L.s Take: Bush keeps pedaling, soldiers keep dying.

Waco Tribune
Tempers, temperatures up in Crawford
H.L.s Take: I wish I could be in Crawford today.

University of California Sued Over Creationism
H.L.s Take: You think some of those Law Professors at UCLA, and Berkeley might want to take this one on?

CBS News
9/11 Accusations Fly Within CIA
H.L's Take: They are tired of taking the heat for Bush's screwups

Axis of Logic
Privatizing the Truth; Bush's war on information
What Are We Fighting For?
H.L.s Take: Why Indeed?

       8/27/05 Ridin with Lance

President Bush, and Lance Armstrong get ready to go for a bike ride in crawford

President Bush, explains his Iraq war policy to Lance Armstrong during a bike ride