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July 26, 2005
Drudge Report


HLs Take: Of course HL Readers already knew How she would vote.

Hilary's Karaoke Version of Johnny B. Goode

Hilary Clinton will vote to confirm John Roberts. She loves him so much she even wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? Hear it go

Note from H.L.: Actually I turned out to be wrong about this but I only because I believed that idiot Drudge. It's one ofthe few times we were wrong. H.L's Comics has predictied the future many times.


Frist Gets Filibusted Again

Excerpt: The Tennessee Republican's decision to put off until fall further consideration of the amendments and the $491 billion defense bill they were aimed at came after the Senate voted 50-48 to cut off debate on the overall measure. That was short of the 60 votes Frist and the White House needed to prevail... "I'm very disappointed in the last vote," Frist said on the Senate floor. "We will proceed to the bill on gun liability," the next bill on the Senate's schedule. That provoked outcries from Democrats who accused Frist of pandering to special interests by shelving the defense bill to work on a National Rifle Association-backed bill that would shield gun manufacturers from liability lawsuits. Congress leaves Washington this weekend for a monthlong summer break.

HLs Take: God forbid Congress doesn't get to take the whole month off. I mean they work so hard. It must take the entire month just for the calluses on their hands to heal. (And for the blood to wash off.) At least the Democrats are fighting, now. They may still get some Cojones yet.

Sweaty Men Embracing.

John Mc Cain hugs his best friend in the world George W. Bush

Mc Cain wants to be President so bad, he will do anything including Kissing a Monkeys Butt, you know, the one who lied about him during the 2000 race, when Bush, and Rove said all kinds of nasty things about The Viet Nam Veteran.


Military dog handlers face Abu Ghraib hearing

Excerpt: FORT MEADE, Md. (Reuters) - Two U.S. dog handlers in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison used unmuzzled dogs to threaten prisoners and competed to see who could make inmates urinate on themselves, according to testimony at a military hearing on Tuesday.

HLs Take: But of Course Bush, Rummy, Gonzo, (Gonzalez), and the boys had nothing to do with this. This was all thought up by the women in charge over there at Abu Gharib, like Janis Karpinski. Thank God for Fall Girls, eh Georgie

Admitting It Is Half The Battle

Sandra Day O'Connor comes forward to discuss women rights, and her role in US History

Retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor gets a round of applause she is, after all a hero

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