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May 23, 2005.
Condi's the new Ed McMahon

Thanks Condi, OK lets start with some news about Laura. Seems shes been busy lately.

Laura Bush in black witch dress


'The rise of Laura Bush'

Excerpt: The face of the Bush regime is now Laura and not George, nor Condy, Dick or Donald and this is a clear sign that Washington has got the message: people do not like regimes which commit acts of slaughter, whether they be in Baghdad or in Washington.

H.L.s Take: This story is absolutely true, The administration is now hiding the monkey behind his wife's long black coat, broom, and big pointy black hat. Suddenly she is going on trips, and giving her opinions on everything. When I do the H.L. Comics, I usually get the pics from the Yahoo news photo galleries. Now Its getting harder to find the photo gallery of The monkey, but Laura Bush's photo gallery is right up front. If you look up politics, there will be photo gallery for everyone, Rummy, Condi, Laura, Dems, Reps., But nothing for the guy who is supposed to be President.
Laura Bush in an interview

Laura discusses her plans for the upcoming future

First lady Laura Bush answers questions in an interview

Laura Bush on Sesame St.

Laura Bush ready to go to work

The Nation

Afghan leader to meet Bush amid tension over torture reports, opium

Excerpt: "No Afghan is a puppet," Karzai told Fox television on Sunday, adding that Afghans view partnership with the United States as vital to their future well-being and the prevention of outside interference in their country.
H.L.s Take: In other words he is a puppet...and a liar. just like old Jr.
George Bush the missing link

Washington Post

Tillman's Parents Are Critical Of Army

Excerpt: "After it happened, all the people in positions of authority went out of their way to script this," Patrick Tillman said. "They purposely interfered with the investigation, they covered it up. I think they thought they could control it, and they realized that their recruiting efforts were going to go to hell in a handbasket if the truth about his death got out. They blew up their poster boy."
H.L.s Take: And now the Army recruiting efforts are in the toiliet, done in by there own incompetence. What if they gave a war, and no one came?

Village Voice

Pat Tillman as Prop

Excerpt: Yes, Tillman is a symbol of the bungled search for bin Laden, which was slowed to a crawl so the Bush regime could divert troops to Iraq, liberate Halliburton, and set the stage for a generation of war�the kind of profitable undertaking that the officials of Oceania would be proud of.

H.L.s Take:George Orwell, the prophet once again.
say hallajulah

say hallajulah

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The Information Clearinghouse.

Soldier Pleads Guilty to Assault in Beating Death of Afghan Prisoner; Gets 3-Month Sentence

Excerpt: A military policeman has been sentenced to three months in prison after pleading guilty to assault and two counts of making a false statement in the 2002 beating death of a prisoner in Afghanistan.
H.L.s Take: 3 months for beating someone to death and lying about it??, sounds about right for a soldier, or a cop. after all they are out there protecting us.
And they don't beleive in evolution

L.A. Times.

Dozens Have Alleged Koran's Mishandling

Excerpt: Senior Bush administration officials reacted with outrage to a Newsweek report that U.S. interrogators had desecrated the Koran at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility, and the magazine retracted the story last week. But allegations of disrespectful treatment of Islam's holy book are far from rare.

The monkey talks to the graduates

H.L.s Take: Thats right.

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