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July 1, 2005

Sandra Day O'Connor Retires

Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement from the Supreme Court today after 24 years on the bench. Bush must now pick her successor. Here he comes up with a short list of possible replacements.
Sandra Day O'Connor

short list

No compromise


Ray Killen

Bush Tuxedo

John Bolton

Bush unionjack

Tony Blair

Bush Frown

Pope Delay

Last chance

Dick Cheney

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Did you hear that another Cessna veered off course in Washington D.C. on wednesday, and came within miles of the white house. Prompting panic amongst our fearless leaders, Bush's response...

Run silent

Run deep

In Minnesota, The Government has shut down because they can not come up with a budget to pay state workers. All state Government services have been shut down all the way down to rest areas on the side of the Highway. So if you are driving thought Minnesota this weekend, you are going to have to hold it in a little longer. 9,000 people are now out of work because Governor Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, is too imcompetent to keep the state running.
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura

Minnesota gov.

Jesse Ventura

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