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March 8, 2005.
                                                Taking a leak in public again

Probe Ordered in Death of Italian Agent

By TODD PITMAN, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq ordered a follow-up investigation Tuesday into the fatal shooting of an Italian intelligence officer as he accompanied a former hostage to Baghdad's airport last week.
H.L.s Take: Thats great, so the same people that ordered the shooting, are going to investigate it. Yeah I'm sure they will find plenty of fault. with how the whole "accident" was handled. The announcement came after clashes erupted earlierAnd now to distract from the story and try to stop people from questioning it. Some Editor at AP decided to stick a completley unrelated paragraph about a different battle in which a couple of people died. You see a couple of people died here, a couple of people died there, Hey thats what happens in a war, So this story is no different from the other, intentional murder of diplomats and journalists is the same as any other war story. So just go about your business, nothing to see here. Tuesday between U.S. troops and insurgents in the troubled city of Ramadi west of the capital, leaving at least two people dead, officials said.
In the capital, gunmen assassinated the deputy chief of the Interior Ministry's immigration office, Gen. Ghazi Mohammed Issa, in a drive-by shooting that al-Qaida in Iraq purportedly claimed responsibility for in an Internet statement. The claim could not be verified. Volleys of automatic weapons-fire erupted in central Baghdad late Tuesday near a main hotel housing foreign journalists. It was not immediately known what sparked the violence.
And now for the 10% of the dumbed down masses that are still reading, heres the rest of the story, but first an unnescessary recap, becuase anyone who is still reading by now, already knows what happened. But its another way to bore you until they get to the real meat of the story.
Italian intelligence officer Nicola Calipari was killed Friday when U.S. troops at a checkpoint fired at the car carrying him and freed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena to the airport after Sgrena's release from a month in captivity. Sgrena, a fierce opponent of the war and a frequent critic of U.S. policy who works for the communist newspaper Il Manifesto, was recovering Tuesday in a Rome hospital from a shrapnel wound to the shoulder.
where are the bullet holes that ripped through the engine block The United States has said soldiers at a Baghdad checkpoint "attempted to warn the driver to stop by hand and arm signals, This seems like typical Bush child logic. When you get caught just make up any story no matter how ridiculous and stick to it no matter what. I know if I was in a war zone and a bunch of soldiers armed with machine guns were waving to me with hand and arm singals to stop, I would stop. So would any sane human bieng. flashing white lights, Flashing white lights too. So they were using hand and arm signals and flashing white lights and still the car didn't stop. Did the passengers have a death wish??? and firing warning shots in front of the car," it said.
So when the white lights and hand and arm singals didnt work they started firing warning shots, and STILL the car didn't stop. So how did that conversation go?
Calipari: Hey they're shooting warning shots at us.
Sgrena: Screw them I'd rather we all got killed then stop this car.
Driver: Damn straight. I could stop this car if I wanted but I want to be massacred like Sonny on the Causeway. (Thanks Bart)

"When the driver didn't stop, the soldiers shot into the engine block which stopped the vehicle, killing one and wounding two others."
They shot into the engine block???, You mean the cast iron block in the middle of the engine where all the fluids go. So the bullets went through the front part of the engine, through the front cast iron wall the the block, through the back wall of the block, and right into 3 different bodies. That is some high caliber percision shooting.

But Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini told his parliament Tuesday that the car was not speeding and was not ordered to stop by U.S. troops at a checkpoint.
The White House has described the shooting as a "horrific accident" and promised a full investigation. Yes we are sorry, and we are investigating. On Tuesday, the Multi-National Force-Iraq said a team led by U.S. Brig. Gen. Peter Vangjel will carry out an investigation into the March 4 incident. "The follow-on investigation to the Multi-National Division-Baghdad commander's initial inquiry into the incident is expected to take approximately three to four weeks to complete,"the statement said.
By then the story will have completly faded out of the media, and so when we give our "No one did anything wrong" conclusion. It won't even be reported in the papers, and of course it won't make the TV news where the majority of Americans get thier information.
"The command is working closely with the U.S. Embassy and Italian officials have been invited to participate." On Monday, Bulgaria also demanded a U.S. investigation after one of its 460 soldiers in Iraq was killed in what appeared to be a friendly fire incident. Bulgaria's defense minister said the death would not lead to a troop withdrawal. The nation must decide this month whether to keep troops in Iraq past July. In a separate statement, the coalition said it regretted the Bulgarian's death and said it was being investigated. Yes we are sorry, and we are investigating, now where have I heard that before? Oh yeah about 3 sentences ago. The statement added that Multi-National Force Iraq "values greatly our partnership with Bulgaria in helping the Iraqis achieve democracy.But hey, its a war, people die, too bad We are committed to working with our Bulgarian partners to determine the cause of Jr. Sgt. Gardi's death."
And now for a bunch more information totally unrelated to the original story, which I will mercifully cut off. The announcements came after Tuesday clashes between U.S. troops and insurgents in Ramadi, 70 miles west of

Thanks to my good friend Bartcop, for the Sonny on The Causeway Joke. If you didn't get it see The Godfather. Follow up Story: I just finished working on this, when a followup story came over the wire.

U.S. to Expedite Iraq Shooting Death Probe

Now not only are they sorry, and they are ivestigating, but they are going to "Expedite" it.

Why would anyone want to join up, when they know they will go to die for the senseless monkeys Oil buddies

Army: Recruiting Young Blacks Tougher Now

By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer WASHINGTON - Young blacks have grown markedly less willing to join the Army, citing fear of being sent to fight a war in Iraq (news - web sites) they don't believe in, according to unpublicized studies for the military that suggest the Army is entering a prolonged recruiting slump

Read the whole story and your comments on the blog

Heres another one from Ray From: Frank Ray Davis

 Humor/commentary/politics column                                                         
Frank Ray Davis   
 A  SICK  LICK  OF  COLONIALISM:  Dubya     Bush says we can't bring the              
troops home till the Iraqis have learned to defend themselves from their enemies.  Which is about what the empire-builders used to say in the good
old days about their prosperous colonies when the natives grew restless
with dreams of independence.  Which was roughly translated as, Don't
let them near the water till after they've learned to swim.
      But all ancient fairy tales aside, if the Iraqis are as slow-learnerish as
Dubya our troops will die of old age before they scoop up a lungful of
American smog.
      And incidentally, "enemies"?   What more enemy do Iraqis need than
the guy that Dubya smirks at in his mirror?
                                                                    + + +
PUT  PEOPLE  FIRST!  The Good Book says to honor thy father and thy
mother.  To which people-frugal Dubya hastily adds, Yeah, right.  But let's
not spill any Social Security monies doing it--especially the banker-friendly
brand that I see in your future.
                                                                     + + +
FAILED  PLAN  STILL  PEDDLED:  Dictator Pinochet's phoney Social Security
plan was sparked by his bosom buddy and anti-union secretary of labor,
Jose Pi´┐Żera.   And where is Jose comfortably  ensconced right now?  In
his busy and prosperous office in Santiago, Chile.  Busy from advising Bush and other Social Security chiselers all over the world, and prosperous from same.  Hm, hungry dogs have long tails.
                                                                      + + +
RIGHTS  VS.  LEFT-OUTS:  A United Nations report on poor kids in rich countries
applauds Denmark for having the least such poverty children.  The USA has
fewer such poverty children than Mexico, but it still lands a long ways down
on the list.  The nations with the best scores spent 10% or more of their national product on  people services; the USA and other nations low on the list spend less than 5% on helping their people.
      Moral of this depressing tale: Human rights in the USA are important; people
are not.
                                                             SOS, JEHOVAH
                                                          God bless America.          
                                                      Spare us war and want.
                                                      For sure the Devil won't,
                                                  and Compassionated Dubya  
                                                       doesn't, won't, and can't.
HERE'S  MORAL  MUD  IN  YOUR  EYE:  Mexican senators blasted Condoleezza
Rice's State Department report branding Mexico a gross violator of human rights.  The USA, especially, has no high moral ground from which to condemn
others, they growled.
      Not so.  The USA does have a reserve of high moral ground, but it's so slippery from Asian oil and blood that no Bushite can safely preach from it.
                                                                     +  + +
HOMELY TOUCH:  The governor of Oaxaca,  Mexico, added that the USA  
complaining about others' human rights practices is like a burro finding fault with long ears.
                                                                     +  + +
RICE  BOWL GAGS  ON  RICE:  The same heavy-handed, club-footed  State
Department report won cheers--the Bronx variety--from China too, saying the USA always "applies a double moral standard regarding human rights."
Maybe enforcing a double moral standard is how Dubya became such an
artist at double-talk.
                                                                     + + +
QUOTE-FRIENDLY  NOTES:  "The President is  creating a (Social Security)
crisis that doesn't exist--just like with the weapons of mass destruction
and the invasion of Iraq--Consumer Activist Phillip Compton.
"Bush has spent as many  dollars in aid for the millions of tsunsami victims   in Asia as he spends in just four hours on killing people in Iraq...more money
on his inauguration   party than he spent on aid to the worst international
disaster in history...more money in one hour in Iraq than he spends on relief to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.--Peace Activist Jane Stillwater
                                                                      # # #
R Davis, U.Garcia 55l9, Arcos de Guadalupe, Zapopan 45030, Mexico
TEL. 00152331252988                    freedomray3@yahoo.com.mx

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