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April 16, 2005.
Poker Tournament story from last night below.

          Tale of the tape Girl 1-0, Kerry 0-2

Terrible Tom Delay seems to be having some problems


Ten former Republican U.S. lawmakers on April l5, 2005 urged a reversal of new House of Representatives ethics rules that they charged were changed to protect Majority Leader Tom DeLay from further investigation. DeLay (R-Texas) leaves a party conference in a corridor at the Capitol, April 13, 2005.




Talk about the pot calling the kettle
Whats up, we got a couple of little cartoon movies for you to start off with today. The first one is from

Who's Selling Social Security

Heres another good one from Mark Fiore Its called...

Ethics Exterminator

According to this Bush's Popularity continues to sink. Its down significantly in the last month.
                           Even some of the idiots are starting to get it                    Go on

Poker Tournament in O.C. Last Night

I played in a Poker Tournament last night. It was down in Orange County, I was playing against a bunch of Lawyers in a little game of No Limit Texas Hold 'em. It was my first time playing Poker since my triumph at The Bartcop
Chicago Pokerfest. Even though I won that tournament. I was still wary of playing, as I am not really a gambler. I only play with the Bartcoppers for an excuse to go to Vegas, or Chicago, and hang out and party with some really cool people. Also this was a tune up for next months big Maui Pokerfest.
My good friend The Legal Anarchist told me about this tournament that this Lawyer from O.C puts on about once a month, so I went down there to check it out. There were about 40 people there ready to play, no beginners in this crowd, these guys all seemed like seasoned veterans. .
The buy in was 50 Dollars. Which included Beer, Margaritas, and food, the price of which came off the top of the prize money. Before the game started the guy who was running the tournament who was a partner in a law firm that specialized in DUI cases, made an announcement. He seemed like a nice guy, however he did make a note that anyone caught cheating would be Fucked in the Ass, and shot. I don't know if he meant it, but I wasn't going to find out. He also said that he wasn't taking any money off the top for himself, "but if anyone gets a DUI on the way home, you know who to call." .
They had a rule which I had not played with before. The game started a little before 8:00 The rule was that if anyone runs out of chips before 9:00 they could "re-buy" another set of chips for another 50. This was bad for me because I only had 50 to spend, and would not re-buy if I lost. There were 8 people at my table, most of them Lawyers, and these guys were betting crazy. Almost everyone at the table, lost all their chips, and re-bought, some did so 2 or 3 times. They were a bunch of rich Lawyers, what's another 50 to them. I knew the "real game" didn't start until after 9, when you could no longer re-buy. So I had to play very conservatively up until then to avoid losing my chips before I even had a chance to start knocking these guys out of the game. .
I later figured the best strategy for this kind of tournament (one I will use next time) is to go there with 100, use the first 50 to buy in. during the last few hands before 9:00 if you think you have a decent hand go "all in" If you win, you have a big pile of chips to start the real game with, if you lose use the other 50 for a fresh set of chips right before 9. I didn't have that luxury. .
Well like I said, I played very conservatively, and by 9 I had won only 2 pots, and had about 1600 worth of chips left ( the original buy in gave you 1100 worth of chips.) I lasted about another hour, but eventually got to the point where my chip total was not much higher then the increasing blinds. I knew I had about 2 more hands to play before the blinds swallowed up my remaining chips. On my first 2 cards I got a pair of 8s. Ok I said lets play this one and hope to get lucky. Well I didn't get lucky. I went all in, so did 2 other people, My flop cards didn't produce another 8, and it was all over. .
I had some of the worst cards in history all night and only won 3 pots the whole night, but managed to come in 13th place, out of 40. Not bad, but not in the money. The guy who put on the Tournament told me that they do it about once a month. OK next month I'm going back there, to win. With an extra 50 for a rebuy.

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