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        Wednesday, March 01, 2006

       Heres the AP Bush Katrina Tape

Here is the AP report of the Bush Katrina Tape that was written about in the story below. The tape shows Michael Chertoff, and other FEMA officials breifing Bush about how serious this hurricane was going to be and how badly it would hit New Orleans, and probably breech the levees leaving the city underwater. Bush, who was where else, on vacation at the time in his fake cowboy ranch in Crawford Texas sits there in this little room, never participates or asks any questions, then at the end just says that everything is all taken care of. As I said in the earlier post Bush is caught red handed in a lie, but you can see it for your self right here.
AP Bush Katrina Tape.

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       Flip Flop Frist Flips on Ports Deal

Bill Frist was originally against Bush's Ports Deal with the U.A.E Now he is for it, Here's why.

See The Rest Of The Strip Here

       Bush Warned on Katrina, Never Found Osama, Patriot Act Renewed.

The hits just keep on coming.
Bush Confident Bin Laden Will Be Captured

H.L.s Take:
Bush is just now starting to realize that we haven't forgotten his promise to take Osama Bin Laden dead or alive. That was..hold on let me check the Where's Osama meter..1,632 days ago. About a year later Bush told how he really felt when he said something like. "I really don't think about him that much, he's not really a concern".
On September 12, 2001, before this website existed I predicted that Osama would never be caught in front of people that thought it would take less then a week. I made that prediction because I know that Bush is the biggest screw-up of all time. You know who else knows that now. Michael Chertoff, and Michael Brown. AP came up with a tape of Brown, trying to tell Bush about how bad things were going to be once the big one hit New Orleans. Bush sat there looking like he couldn't care less, or more like he knew what was going to happen when Katrina hit but refused to do anything about it. In an excerpt from the AP story shows Brown pleading with Bush.

"WASHINGTON - In dramatic and sometimes agonizing terms, federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees, put lives at risk in New Orleans' Superdome and overwhelm rescuers, according to confidential video footage.
Bush didn't ask a single question during the final briefing before Katrina struck on Aug. 29, but he assured soon-to-be-battered state officials: "We are fully prepared."
The footage...shows in excruciating detail that while federal officials anticipated the tragedy that unfolded in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, they were fatally slow to realize they had not mustered enough resources to deal with the unprecedented disaster."

Of course Bush a few days later asked "Who could have predicted that the Levees would fail?" His own homeland security department that’s who, and they told him it would happen. Then again Bush also asked "Who could have imagined they would fly planes into buildings?" In both situations Bush knew what was happening but did nothing because he wants Chaos, so he can take over all phases of Government and make the Senate obsolete. The Senate for thier part helped out in their own demise today by Approving Patriot Act 2. Now the Monkey has taken away our Bill of Rights, and will probably declare Martial Law when his next premeditated catastrophe hits. Bird Flu? who knows? but when hes done with on the next one, they will probably elevate him to living Sainthood.